Saturday, 27 December 2008

He's here!!!

Well that was a bit sudden!

so much for the christmas shopping we were doing last weekend- that got interrupted by a small surprise that arrived on monday afternoon. welcome to the world, young man!

let me be the first to introduce our first child: Kingston Indiana Godzilla Nelson.

born monday 22 - 12 - 08 at 17:15 (at 36wks - 4 weeks early!)
7lb 14oz (3572gms)
head: 34cm
length: 50cm
(look at that cute grin!)
Poor little man's lungs were not fully grown because he's so early, so he's been in the special care nursury (SCN) since birth (hence the tubes and wires in the pics), but he's big and strong for such a young age, so he's been very very lucky to be doing so well. Improving every day, although not out of the woods yet. we're hoping to bring him home soon, but only when he's ready.

My first Mohawk!

I'll update more once he's home and safe. Just need some time to focus and get better.
We love you little guy!

xxxCherry + Daddy

Thursday, 18 December 2008


So other than the 2hr nanna nap on the couch, i did this today:

about 1m x 1m, just assorted stash fabrics in black and white, with a soft jersey centre panel. i backed the whole thing in thick suede backed sherpa that my mum gave me so it's nice and soft to lay on. i kept with the b+w theme, since newborns learn to see contrasts for the first 6 months, and i thought this way it looks less 'quilt' like. stuffed some heart shapes and attached at each corner for some dimensionality and colour.
nothing fancy, but it does the job nicely and looks better than those gawd awful plastic things in shops.
yesterday i also made 7 size M nappies (Just in case). deleted the gussets though, since by the time the kid grows into the M's they should be less squirty in the poop department (i hope!)
No, we don't know if the little monkey is going to be a girl or boy, and yes, i know most of the nappies are more 'girly', but that's because i made them and i just happen to be a big girly pants. i can't help it, those are just the fabrics i gravitate towards. to be fair though, DH did come with me to spotlight and help pick out fabrics. i do love the retro printed planes and trucks and things, so if we do have a boy, i'm going to go a bit crazy and buy some fabric online and whip some up. it's all well and good to promote gender neutrality at a young age, and not to inflict stereotypes, but the reality is that babies brains are different right from the word go. boys and girls ARE different in so many ways, and even though both genders have the same potential for achievement, they will do so in different ways and in different fields, even without environmental bias from parents/siblings etc. as a generalisation, most boys seem to be enchanted by machinery and vehicles, and girls prefer people and faces. hmmm, be interesting to see how our kid turns out. (other than effed up by us, ha ahaa )

oh, and thanks to everyone who left comments on my nappies, it's nice to hear others like them as well! yay! i'm musing over whether to sell some next year (after the kid's here). i want to be a wahm, and i think it will be a good source of pocket money while i try to get my clothing line up and running (a much slower process). But i wnat to wait until i have the kid and can test them out, and make sure they 'work' iykwim? i'd feel wierd selling something that hadn't been tested first. and i'll have to adapt my pattern, so it's not a copy of the itti one, becasue that would just not be fair to the lady who set up itti (aside from ahem, illegal)

well 33 days to go.....


Wednesday, 17 December 2008

13 pounder?!? aaaaaaaargh!

ok, so i had my 35wk appt with Ob yesterday morning, and he says my bub is going to be big. not only that, he then goes on to joke that it's going to be 11, 12 or 13lb!!!! the jerk.
realistically, the kid is more likely to be 8-9lb (i hope)
so apart from the minor freak out about birthing the fatty, i am now worried that all the nappies i have made wont fit!
so i've just cut out 7 size M nappies just in case, and they're being made now (well, not right now obviously, but later today). after quizzing the ladies at Nappychino, i'm thinking the smalls should be ok for the first 3months, but if i make some M's then at least i have them ready to go just in case. esp since i now have about 20 size S in my stash, which should be plenty for now.
Of course those same ladies then went on to scare the bejeebus outta me by making sure i knew "it's not the weight it's the head size", and of course those of you that know my DH know his head is HUGE. so yay, yay for my girls bits in 34 days. (insert sarcasm here)

these are the new size S i made last week:

and here's some shots of the 'nursery' so far:
amby hammock, on a curved wooden miyo stand, single bed just as a day bed/place to feed/change. (it's a 15+yo base with a $20 foam mattress, so not really sleep-on-able)
oh how i loath those rental house curtains. they remind me of a b+b circa 1983. bleaugh! will have to get some op-shop curtains asap.
op-shop chest of drawers (i think $40?), but we love it. covered in all the toys we've been given.
petunia pickle bottom 'scout' nappy bag (DH's)-love this!
nappy and cleaning stash (so far). i want to fill that top shelf with nappies, bwah aha ha ahaa aha.
the clothes that need hanging (rest are folded in drawers)-no idea if it's a boy or girl yet, so we've stashed things for both. (yes, hung in colour order, i am that anal)
boxes above are for future clothes- 1 box for size 1+, 1 box for size 2+.
petunia pickle bottom 'cake' nappy bag of mine-yum!
not much left on the list of 'to do's', thankfully. though with such a short time left i'd be worried if there was! i know some people can be organised in the last minute, but this just aint me. i'm a planner. create the plan, break down the plan into steps, execute the plan. that's me!

last few things we don't 'need' per se, but i want to make now while i have a little free time (if not much energy-i'm enjoying doing the making):
* playmat + a few small infant toys attached-letter blocks, taggy blankets etc...
* pram mobile/toy dangler
* cot mobile/toy dangler
* this 'happy stacker' toy-just delish.
* these cute baby shoes
* this little tortellini pillow for on the playmat
* a few more bibs.

sorry i've been lax in the posting, just getting too tired to do much these days. my ob asked how i've been, and i said "fat and tired", and his reply? "yes, well that's to be expected". le sigh. just have to be patient now. kid will come when it's ready, i don't want to rush it, but we're very excited about meeting them.


Friday, 5 December 2008

effin outta there!

last day of work-woooooooo!
ok, yeah, i still have to have the actual baby and raise it which is more work than ever, but at least that's also fun and exciting.
QA aint fun and exciting.


but next year i can start my own line and hopefully grow the small business into something successful, which i'm very excited about.

and this was my leaving gift from work, which i LOVE, and we;ve been wanting, but haven't been able afford, so i'm very happy!

ps: her name is dotty.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

mini piratey sleepsack

cos you never know when you'll need one.
this one's for bringing baby home from hospital.
close up:

i also washed all of the baby clothes today. starting to feel more real now, that's for sure. the little socks are just too cute!

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

look ma, no cankles!

yay, i still have normal feets!
no fat cankles for me, thankfully.
i'd like to thank my parents and grandparents for their generous donation of good genes.

And as promised, heres some poorly lit, grainy photos of me at 33wks.

this is after working a full day, too, so slightly bloaty, but not getting anywhere near the fatty second chin bloaty bologna meats appearance that so many women get. (the poor other pregnant girl at my work already has 2 chins, and i suspect she'll end up with 3 before the end, and she's 2months behind me. poor girl should have chosen her parents better)
i just hope i'm this lucky with the second one too!

2 days left of work! and the last day never really counts anyway, so wooo!

Monday, 1 December 2008

49 days and counting...

my freaking phone just ate my photos. and now i'm wearing tracky daks and i can't be bothered putting nice clothes on again. and NO i will never ever post a photo of me in track pants on the interwebs, so don't even think it. i'll have to take some tomorrow

You are now 33 weeks pregnant, which is the beginning of week 34.

Your baby weighs about 2.1kg (2,100 grams or 4 lbs 10 oz) and measures about 45 cm in length (17.75 inches).

Your baby is now fully formed physically and has a firm grasp reflex. They can also determine the difference between sweet and sour tastes. Premature babies born as early as 33 weeks have been observed to suck harder on a teat dipped in glucose. However, even unborn babies can detect subtle changes in the flavour of the amniotic fluid they float in. It is believed this fluid acts as a 'flavour bridge' to their mother's breast milk. Breast milk changes flavour depending on what the mother eats (such as sugar, garlic or curry) and so does the amniotic fluid. Observations of unborn babies have demonstrated that they swallow more frequently when surrounded by sweet tastes and swallow less fluid if it tastes bitter or sour.

Physical signs: Frequent urination. As your growing baby increases in weight, your uterus starts to put more pressure on your bladder, making you pass urine more frequently. This may worsen or improve once your baby's head engages or be made worse if your pelvic floor muscle is weakened (pelvic floor exercises are explained below).

Peeing every hour on the hour pretty much.

But I’m deliberately drinking a lot of water anyway, so this is probably contributing. Amniotic fluid level peak at around this time, so maybe that’s why I’m so thirsty! Drinking about 2-4L a day (mostly water-I know, I normally hate the stuff!-weird) no bladder weakness for me, I have pelvic floor muscles of STEEL.

Carpal tunnel. Some women experience feelings of numbness, 'pins and needles' or stiff painful hands - a condition known Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This is caused by fluid accumulating in the wrists, placing pressure on the median nerve, which moves the muscles in the wrist and hand. Carpal tunnel also makes it difficult to grasp objects. Nup.

Emotional reactions As your pregnancy advances, anxieties and fears may occupy your mind. Nup.

You may look at women with babies and think "How am I physically going to get from being pregnant to being a mother?" Nup.

Or you may wonder how you will deal with labour pain or with parenting a child (or another child, if this is not your first). Nup.

Perhaps you have a mother or sister who has experienced difficult births and find it hard to imagine yours could be different. Nup.

Or you could be concerned about feeling out of control once you go to hospital. Nup. As far as they’re concerned, they can do what I TELL THEM to do, not the other way around.

It is important to recognise and share your concerns. Suppressing your true feelings could mean unresolved issues materialising at an inconvenient time (like when you are trying to push your baby out!) If you find talking with family and friends and/or your caregiver is not enough, perhaps seek professional counselling to help you work with your concerns. Wah wah wah. i don't do this shite.

Other considerations

Your baby's position. Most babies assume a head down position by this time (if not already there). Just came back from ob’s appt, and kid is head down, yay! A few babies remain in a breech position. Women having twins often find that one baby is head down, while their sibling is breech. Your caregiver feels for your baby's head during your pregnancy visits and should now be able to detect which side of your belly their back is laying on (right or left). Back seems to move from left to right a bit, but mostly on the left, back against my belly, with the feet kicking up under my right ribs. A LOT. Your baby can still move frequently from one side of your belly to the other. At this stage, it does not really matter if your baby's back is anterior (towards your front) or posterior (towards your back).

You may start to notice that your baby's movements are changing to be more stretches and squirms, as they grow larger and there is comparatively less room to move. No. still kicking the shit out of my ribs and punching me on the inside of my girls bits. Fun.

If you feel concerned about how often your baby is moving, it is important to tell your caregiver. They may suggest using a kick chart. The little monkey moves all the time, with big big moves at 9.30pm every night.

Birth preparations Large babies. Being told your unborn baby looks big can immediately undermine your confidence to give birth. Such suggestions often come from caregivers, friends or relatives making judgements about the size of your belly. In some cases this could lead to considerations about being induced early (so that the baby won't be as large), or having a caesarean operation. Most women produce babies that their bodies are able to give birth to. The predicted weight of unborn babies can be frequently overestimated. Haven’t had this from any professional, but every I meet says “you look so big” or “are you sure it’s not twins???” which is ridiculous, because I’ve had 2 scans showing 1 baby. It’s in the 82% for size, so I’m expecting an 8 to 8.5lb baby (plus you normally have babies of similar size to your own birth weight, not your male partner’s)

I figure people are so used to seeing pregnant women get fat, that they’re not quite aure about me since I only look like I’ve put on 5kg of fat, and the rest is all baby bump. (I weighed myself at 20wks and had put on 14kgs, but I haven’t weighed since) but all the ‘weight’ is baby + amniotic fluid + boobs + 40% more blood +uterus+placenta etc…. so I don’t really care about the actual kgs I put on, as long I still look/feel fit, then I’m happy. Plus I’ll need some fat stores for breast feeding anyways.

Down to 3 days left of work-feck yeah! then i can rest, slep, and sew like a mad woman!!! i still have about 10-15 nappies to make, plus a playmat or two, some bibs, some toys for the pram, and a few more bits and pieces.

Plus i want to make a nightie for me for hospital as well. I've tried shopping for one, but they're all hidiously gag-inducingly twee. apparently pregnant (or fat) women only want to wear pastels and big ugly arse sacks with twee cutsey characters on them. i mean huh? wtf? where are the pretty and cute and dare i say it a little sexeh ones? (not all out raunch/porn, i'm not after crotchless panties and faux leather with fur trim or anything) i managed to find ONE nightie in kmart that was black with small white spots, but i'd like a second as well, since birth is such an, ahem, fluid filled time. i want a back up in case i need to wash one. so i'll either buy a dress and just wear it as a nightie, or make one.

le sigh.

photos next time, i promise...


Wednesday, 26 November 2008

mini quilt (ish)

damn i love having wednesdays off work. so damn tired. i slept in till 10.30, then did 'stuff' until 4.30, napped for 2hrs, had dinner, layed on the couch internetting (feeding my nappy making addiction) and i'm off to bed in a couple of mins. this playing 'host' to a baby sure is draining! so what did i do all day? cleaned, snacked, washed clothes (all the 'fun' stuff-yeah right) and made this:

a mini double sided quilt for the pram/car capsule. i used a roller derby bandanna for one side (i designed these and had them printed for derby ages ago and had 1 spare), and some cute gingham for the other. it's not really a true quilt, since there's no patchworking involved, but i did sandwich a layer of cotton cellular blanket in-between so it's warm, yet cool. and i did do some topstitching, which is kinda the 'quiting' part, yes? i figure it's small and looks like a quilt, therefore it IS a quilt. ha.

and in other baby related news, i just ordered the last of the fabric i'll need to finish my nappy stash. should arrive next week, so i can finally finish the nappies.

and i ordered this delicious bag from cradle rock (Julie was lovely to deal with, i highly recommend the site) with some money my mum gave me for my birthday. she said to spend it on something luxurious, and pampering, so i'm booking in for a facial and a massage too, but this bag is so gorgeous i just had to have it. (and way out of my price range-i had made a satchel type bag-so it's definately in the 'spoiling' category that's for sure!) it comes with a zip out base with hidden change mat, and a coordinating wipes case and is nice and big and has clips to hang it to the pram too.
the site has right clicking disabled, but you can see more if you click here. they have some lovely bags, but don't sell online, so you need to find a good retailer in oz if you want one. (i suggest cradle rock!) i'm loving their 'swallows' range, but i'm guessing the sling is going to to be exxey, so maybe i can just find a good pattern online. anyone know of a free pattern to make the same style in the link? i like how slimline and neat it is. not really into the wrapping all around with extra fabric type slings-they look too hippy for me (sorry mum!).

ugh, too tired. i'm off to bed. hopefully this little monkey will give me a few minutes break from kicking me in the ribs! ha aaha

Sunday, 23 November 2008

more nappies! yet only 1/2 way done...

I made another 3 AI2's:

and 5 bamboo/cotton fitteds:
yay! stash is now half finshed (15 nappies all up), so i'm going to start making some slightly larger ones now, that are adjustable and will last longer (s-m instead of nb-s).

and guess what came in the mail this week? my maxi cosi! yay!!!!!!!
And here it is on the quinny buzz base that we picked up on wed:
not much left to go now, which is good, since there's only 58 days to go! so exciting, and nerve wracking at the same time. all worth it in the end though right?

Sunday, 16 November 2008

nappies a hoy!

ok, so my lovely snaps press arrived yesterday, yay! i have now made 6 newborn/small ai2's to start my stash. (the red one is the original itti bitti) i don't really like the idea of flanny flats or fitted+covers (i like the ease of the ai1's, and flats/fiteds are just not pretty enough for me!), so i'm planning on just using ai2's. but everywhere i look (forums and websites), everyone seems to be recommending the fitted+covers or flanny/terry flats options for newborns. i thought maybe i was missing something? so i asked my favorite forum ladies for some feedback, and now i'm thinking of maybe making a few more of the larger sizes so they can grow into them(and just in case bubs is bigger at birth) and making some fitteds using a OSFM design+ fleece and wool covers "just in case". A lot to get done in the next 5 weeks (i'm due in 9), but i'm up for the challenge!
i've heard newborns will poop a LOT, and very liquidy ones at that, so the ai2's i have made are thus:
itti bitti d'lish pattern (size s) adapted to add
a)internal gussets for extra containment
b)full internal extra layer of bamboo jersey for additional soaking power throughout the nappy, not just in the 'wet zone'
c)outer cotton layer for prettiness (yes, i know the increased risk of wicking, but i'm willing to deal with that for the good looking fabric options. i am too vain!)

after much research, i figured the itti's could use some improving to make them more appropriate for the NB stage, so hence the gussets and internal bamboo layer.

total nappy is therefore:
outer: cotton or cotton/elastane poplin (pretty fabric)
hidden poly PUL layer (breathable but waterproof)
hidden bamboo jersey layer (a double thickness for soaking power)
lining: poly microfleece(for stay dry-ness)

then i have made a trifold booster (outer layers bamboo jersey, with a microfibre inner layer 30cm x 30cm then folded into 3rds and laid inside nappy between gussets)

then an hourglass shaped pad for against baby's skin (poly microfleece stay dry layer against bum, then microfibre layer, then bamboo jersey base, overlock layers together) baby would wear the nappy + hourglass pad, and if it was a big wee-er
or o'night i'd add the trifold booster too

next up: small-med AI2's and some flanny/terry flats + covers.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

tick, tick, tick

ok, i am officially less panicked now we've ordered the baby capsule.

we're getting the maxi cosi from the Netherlands to go with the Quinny Buzz 3 wheeler stroller we'll get next month. see, all full of shiny.
i also ordered a whole pile of fabric from green beans to make MCN (nappies), which arrived on friday afternoon, yay! only one problem: the lovely coloured resin snaps need a special snap press to attach. damn. so i can't finish my nappies until that arrives (ordered today, so hopefully won't take too long to get here). i don't want to post wip pics of them yet, i'd rather wait and post once i've finished a few. so this week i will be cutting out many a nappy and booster and soaker in readiness for that lovely snap press to arrive. Just getting a black capsule and stroller, so i can make covers in all kinds of fabrics depending on what the kid is wearing or mood i'm in. (leopard print, cherries, 50's tiki, etc...)i know it's crazy ridiculous to even bother, but i don't care! ha aha a.
Here is the Quinny Buzz with the normal seat(top), and the maxi-cosi attached(bottom).
so cute!
Great small wheel base, so good for indoors/shopping isles etc. and the 3 wheeler has a great tight turning circle, so it has excellent manouverability too.
Love the fact that the capsule transfers from stroller, to car (isofix) to indoors, so if the little monkey is alseep, we don't need to wake him/her when transferring. Can you tell i'm excited?? ha aaha I probably sound like a sales ad, but i don't care, i'm giddy because i only have 10wks to go!
Can't wait till it arrives so i can start making more thing, like dangling toys and covers, yay!

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Sunday, 28 September 2008

6 months already???

Ok, I didn't realise it had been 2 months since i last put a picture of my fattness up here. So here's me, the norgs and the spawn at 6 months.
Just starting to waddle at the end of the day when i'm a bit more knackered. Oh and doing plenty of fatty grunts when I'm heaving myself off the couch or out of a chair. My toes are long gone now, and only the stretchiest of my clothing fits. I haven't had to buy any maternity wear yet, but not for want of trying! I have made a few things, but I keep bloody forgetting to take photos so I can post them. damn. must do that this week. I must i must i must increase my posts my posts my posts. (not my bust, that's damn big enough!)

For some reason all those extra hormones seem to have gone straight to my boobs, i used to be a 10B, and now i'm a 10DD/E. just damn. I've never really desired big jugs, I quite like having small ones so I can run and play and do things (like run up/down stairs without having to hold my chest). Everyone keeps telling me "your husband must be so happy!" with a wicked smile on their face, but of course he's an arse man, so neither of us really know what the hell to do with them. Free to good home anyone?
So you can see just how much I have become Tits McGee here is my before and after shot for my bra.
Anyone else have this 'problem' when knocked up? ha ahaa aha

Ok, in the land of making/crafting I have been less than busy (this week at work has ben pretty draining), but I did get a chance to make these canvasses for fun, and hopeful future profit.

Just playing around with an idea, but I want to make more to try to flog off on etsy. Since we'll be down to one income soon, I want to be a WAHM as soon as possible. I want my own fashion line eventually, but that's not going to be possible straight away (too many baby related expenses to be able to afford to start up a full business right now), but I do love making things and I tend to be quite particular when i do(read: anal), so they're well made.
Personally I like these raw and open as they are, so you can see that everything is one-of-a-kind, not printed or mass produced. And I like the added texture and depth of the various pieces and fabrics. But I'm just not sure if they need to be more finished off at all. Any thoughts? would you hang these as they are, or would you maybe laquer them or glass frame them?


Sunday, 21 September 2008

Senior fez completed.

Sock monkey 2 is done! His colours needed a fez, so of course then he had to have a moustache. There is also a bell inside his hat to make him fun. Love him!

Friday, 19 September 2008

my first quilt

Ta Daaaaaaaaa. My first ever quilt is completed.
I actually finished it this weekend gone, but I've been too damn knackered to post anything this week. That baby is sucking the life outta me. Be great if i could not work so much, or at all, and just spend the time baby growing and crafting, but alas, income must be earned.
Anyway, here is my lovely quilt. I kept the design very simple, with 15cm squares, because I chose so many different fabrics, i really wanted the cloth to speak for itself. Next one might be more complex, see how i go. The pictures don't seem to do it justice, the colours are a lot brighter in real life, they seem a little washed out in the pics. Oh well, we're not all brilliant photographers.

close up, with help:

I backed the quilt with a soft dobby spotted voile, to add a pretty texture, without detracting from the crazy colours of the main side. 3cm wide binding in red poplin.

Big view (it's large enough to cover the king single bed that is the day bed in the kid's room):

And a shot to show the quilt in whole room context.
Ignore the fugly curtains; we rent. I am yet to make new ones, but don't worry they're on the list

And the cute sock monkey (pirate style) that i made on sunday. (the red eye patch is covering his other eye, and he has a silver earring as well, bit hard to see in the small pic-but if you click the picture, it''s easier to see) It's a bit big though, the body is about 20cm high, buttocks to forehead. I wasn't expecting the socks to stretch so much, but of course modern socks all have elastane in them, duh! For my first sock monkey attempt, i'm otherwise pretty happy with it. I want to now get some tiny socks and make tiny sock monkeys for tiny hands to hold!

So that's one weekend of crafting to one week of slobbing on the couch and passing out at 8pm. not a great ratio, I admit, but hopefully next week will be better.


Thursday, 11 September 2008

Going, going...

Well at 5.5 months i'm officially saying goodbye to my feet. At least while standing up straight anyway. It's ok though, there's two more kicking me in the kidneys. Which i guess makes me a quadruped for the next Few months. Cool. Depending on what's growing in there, i can also legitimately claim to be the proud owner of either a) 2 vaginas or b) a very small penis. Double cool! What crazy thing can you claim today? Huh? :-D

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Potential quiltage

Pulled out all my stash fabrics and spent half an hour faffing around and swapping and changing, but i think i finally have an idea of what i want to use for my first ever quilt. I want to make something for the upcoming spawn, but i don't want it to be cheesy or twee. And trying to use up the stash. Well, keep your fingers crossed for me. Hope it looks as good finished as it does in a stack! Ok, enough procrastinating, back to it. Xxx Cherry

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

what's on your wall?

my current inspiration board.
i'm sick of trying to buy maternity clothing and only finding ugly blandy mc bland stuff. and no-one seems to make anything smaller than size 10 or that isn't covered in ugly.
i don't want to wear cargos or plain tee shirts or anything that resembles laura ashley circa 1983.
i want to look like the divine miss dita with a basketball up her top.
so a sewing i will go, a sewing i will go, high ho the dairy oh, a sewing i will go...

so what's inspiring you lately?

why isn't there any sexy but cute and pin-uppy clothing for me?

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

This week i am mostly eating. . .

Pineapple. And apple/lemon juice. Oh the joys of pregnancy hormones.


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