Sunday, 28 September 2008

6 months already???

Ok, I didn't realise it had been 2 months since i last put a picture of my fattness up here. So here's me, the norgs and the spawn at 6 months.
Just starting to waddle at the end of the day when i'm a bit more knackered. Oh and doing plenty of fatty grunts when I'm heaving myself off the couch or out of a chair. My toes are long gone now, and only the stretchiest of my clothing fits. I haven't had to buy any maternity wear yet, but not for want of trying! I have made a few things, but I keep bloody forgetting to take photos so I can post them. damn. must do that this week. I must i must i must increase my posts my posts my posts. (not my bust, that's damn big enough!)

For some reason all those extra hormones seem to have gone straight to my boobs, i used to be a 10B, and now i'm a 10DD/E. just damn. I've never really desired big jugs, I quite like having small ones so I can run and play and do things (like run up/down stairs without having to hold my chest). Everyone keeps telling me "your husband must be so happy!" with a wicked smile on their face, but of course he's an arse man, so neither of us really know what the hell to do with them. Free to good home anyone?
So you can see just how much I have become Tits McGee here is my before and after shot for my bra.
Anyone else have this 'problem' when knocked up? ha ahaa aha

Ok, in the land of making/crafting I have been less than busy (this week at work has ben pretty draining), but I did get a chance to make these canvasses for fun, and hopeful future profit.

Just playing around with an idea, but I want to make more to try to flog off on etsy. Since we'll be down to one income soon, I want to be a WAHM as soon as possible. I want my own fashion line eventually, but that's not going to be possible straight away (too many baby related expenses to be able to afford to start up a full business right now), but I do love making things and I tend to be quite particular when i do(read: anal), so they're well made.
Personally I like these raw and open as they are, so you can see that everything is one-of-a-kind, not printed or mass produced. And I like the added texture and depth of the various pieces and fabrics. But I'm just not sure if they need to be more finished off at all. Any thoughts? would you hang these as they are, or would you maybe laquer them or glass frame them?


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