Thursday, 11 September 2008

Going, going...

Well at 5.5 months i'm officially saying goodbye to my feet. At least while standing up straight anyway. It's ok though, there's two more kicking me in the kidneys. Which i guess makes me a quadruped for the next Few months. Cool. Depending on what's growing in there, i can also legitimately claim to be the proud owner of either a) 2 vaginas or b) a very small penis. Double cool! What crazy thing can you claim today? Huh? :-D


  1. LOL.... I never thought of it like that guess that make me a bit of a hermaphrodite huh!! Most days I get kicks from the outside (from the 23month old) rivalling kicks from the inside!! Much prefer it when they both just reach out and rub for each other..... much kinder on the mama!! love the pix!!

  2. Hi Cherry, been AGES!!!! And you're preggas!! Congrats! I thought of you the other day when that Roller Derby thing was on tele. So 3.5 months to go eh? All the best and enjoy your big meals while you still can (they get smaller and earlier in the evening due to lack of space!)



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