Saturday, 12 September 2009

thrifty thursday

a wrap up of the latest op-shoppy finds that now live in our house, welcome my lovelies!

two vintage board books - illustrated and printed in Japan - too cute!

A whole hoard of books for the wee one, including:
'where did i come from' from 1977
'the digging-est dog'
'how do dinosaurs clean their rooms?'
'frosty the snowman' golden book from the 60's

some great kitschy finds for the kitch-en:

the salt and pepper shakers are on long handles to shake-a shake-a over the BBQ! And the barrel comes with 12 cups. small cups though, so we figure rum?

Some cute things for the table; capsicum coasters, a wild chicken toothpick holder and some chillis that hold napkins. they look great on our laminex table!

and some lovelies for me!
A leather 50's look handbag (it has LV logos on all the brass trims, but i have no idea of it's a real one or a damn good fake-but i don't care, i just like the look of it!)
And an old leather dr's style briefcase (missing the key, phooey) but gorgeous nonetheless.

Some cute shoes for summer, both worn only once or twice, yay

And finally some cute little underthings. i'm always a bit partial to vintage lingerie, especially if you pair it with crisp clean white bonds briefs or tanks to modernise it. I've never really gone for the true vintage reproduction look-i think it's just way too costumey for my taste, but i do like to incorporate pieces into my wardrobe in fresh ways. and now that baby weight is all gone (thanks breastfeeding!), with the exception of my enormous norgs of course, i can start wearing cute clothes again, woohoo! just in time for summer too, yay!

ok, off to bed, my brain is mush. toodles!

new mai tai

after my delicious new industrial machines were serviced, the first thing i made was a new carrier for the little man. unfortunately my plain machine decided to blow up (well, leak vast amounts of hideous smoke and nearly setting off the fire alarm, eeek!). so alas i had to finish off on my trusty metal domestic, but still, i made something, woo!!! no fault of the service man, the machine was on its' last legs,(and a super-duper-nearly-free kinda bargain) but i thought it would last longer than that! poo. oh well, at least i can get another one now that is in better nick. anyway, this is the carrier i made:

it's black stretch cotton twill (a beautiful fine, light weight), with the pocket from a vintage silk kimono:

it can be worn as a front carry, back carry or side carry, so much more versatile than the sling or bjorn. and when made from pretty fabrics, it doesn't look so, um, hippy. nothing wrong with being alternative, but personally i don't really want to wear rainbow colours or crazy prints like so many mai tais are made from. bleaugh.

and the boy likes it too! (excuse the house clothes)


Sunday, 6 September 2009

Saturday, 5 September 2009

inconvenient fussy week - but so much development!

soooo, i had planned to be making things left right and centre this past two weeks. but of course those of you with babies know how well plans last! no sooner had my new shiny machines been serviced (by this lovely guy-go see him if you need anything, he was great), but of course little king started going through:
  • his 36wk wonder week (see here & here for info)
  • sleep hell due to above (no naps, and waking through the night and being miserable from no sleep)
  • teething (just moving- no more yet)
  • learning to pull up (success!)
  • learning to climb (success!)
  • learning to walk holding our hands (success!)
  • separation anxiety (gaaaaaaaaah - limpet again!)
so the whole time has been spent carrying him around, comfort feeding and generally trying not to die from lack of sleep!
i'm so lucky to have friends and family that have helped us get through this! a special mention to Cat and D for allowing us to play in Dylan world when i just couldn't face going home!

in better news, we have gotten sooo much better at catching his wees and poops. we caught all his morning wees in the potty yesterday, and he stayed dry throughout his nap, and then we caught his after nap wees too! yay EC!

so right now my fingers are tingling with hope that he'll be a bit better this coming week, as i'm really looking forward to making some new clothes!

hope everyone else is having a better start to spring.



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