Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Sniff. :...( Please be patient...

Working at fast as I can, but alas I cannot launch tomorrow. Booooooo.
Still waiting on labels to arrive as well as too much sewing for this
little mumum to get done in time. So I think a more realistic date of
July 30 is better. And if it's earlier, well that's a good thing.
Taking tomorrow off to just rest and refresh this tired head and then
sew sew print sew cut sew press sew sew sew. Sigh. Back to the machines.

Xxx Cherry

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Chalk driveway

Chalk driveway, originally uploaded by cherry_rockette.

Today we drew on the driveway. And someone small drew blue on the house.

Xxx Cherry

Ooh new colourway for jeans

As well as the indigo blue we will be stocking a pale grey in the
patch Jean. Yum.

Xxx Cherry

Friday, 25 June 2010

this fire is buuuurning

Soooo, i decided that 'go live' date for the little boys range will be July 1st. this year. yipes! that's one hell of a fire i lit under my arse. so yeah, even if only half the goodies will be up on that date, the rest will follow shortly as i finish them off, and get them up on etsy. so please do bear with me as i blunder my way into being an online business. I don't even have labels yet, gah!
In the future i plan to have a stall at Mathilda's market (if they'll have me, i'm yet to apply), and in all likelihood a couple of other markets around Melbourne also. how that's going to work with a toddler i have no idea, but i'm sure we'll work it all out!

So everyone, please keep your fingers crossed for me that I don't just fall in a heap from exhaustion, and that maybe one or two things sell at least!

Until we launch, i'm going to be rather a busy busy little weasel, but i'll endeavor to post updates as and when they happen too, it's all too exciting not to share!

xCherry & Kingston

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Toy car table

Toy car table, originally uploaded by cherry_rockette.

Someone got so excited playing with the train table in the toy store
today that I had to make him one right away. One problem- we don't
have a low table or any trains. Or any money. So I dug out a table top
we had in the shed and put it on his little dinner table and then
stuck cardboard on the top, and then right around the edge to give it
a lip so the cars don't fall off. A $5 old car track from the op shop
and some cardboard trees and tunnels and bingo! A car table! We'll
see if he likes it tomorrow when he gets up. Much better than the
floor mat while he's still young, as he doesn't yet have full pretend
play going on, so the track enables him to know where to put an drive
the cars. And he's not into trains, just the driving round part.

Xxx Cherry

Sunday, 20 June 2010


Ahhh, originally uploaded by cherry_rockette.

The simple joys of a marshmallow and baby chino in winter. Yum!

Xxx Cherry

Shirt and jumper

Shirt and jumper, originally uploaded by cherry_rockette.

Remade from daddy's. Just to try out my patterns. Loving them!

Xxx Cherry

Friday, 11 June 2010


Kangaroo, originally uploaded by cherry_rockette.

And a blue kangaroo!

Xxx Cherry


Horsey, originally uploaded by cherry_rockette.

This is a horsey.

Xxx Cherry


Snakes, originally uploaded by cherry_rockette.

We do a lot of paintig and drawing in our house and I often ask
Kingston what his picture is. This is apparently 'tssssss' which means
snakes. Maybe a spotty snake or lots of black snakes?

Xxx Cherry

Beanie beanie beanies

Beanie beanie beanies, originally uploaded by cherry_rockette.

Next up some red ones with stripey linings. Delicious!

Xxx Cherry

Short stack of shirt fabric

For some one-of-a-kind shirts and tie tees.

Xxx Cherry

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Ratbag scarves

Ratbag scarves, originally uploaded by cherry_rockette.

Being sewn up now. I'm completely in love with this colour combo for
little boys. Dark red, black, charcoal, ice blue and the best
cornflower blue I've ever seen. Perfect for winter in soft soft wools.
Available very soon. Keep watching this space. Oooh gettig exciting

Xxx Cherry

Thursday, 3 June 2010

See, busy.

See, busy., originally uploaded by cherry_rockette.

New hat pattern and a shirt pattern too. Just need to find some
delicious shirt fabrics for little boys.

Xxx Cherry

No posting but I gve been busy

Fabric laid out ready for cutting tees out. Well, squashed up badly on
my cutting/pattern table. Sometimes ya just gotta make do right?
These are all cut out and ready for printing the fronts. Just gotta
burn some screens on Monday. Wish me luck, I've never done it before!

Xxx Cherry

So the hat died

So the hat died, originally uploaded by cherry_rockette.

A sad and painful death. Will try another pattern.

Xxx Cherry


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