Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Playing Catch Up

Sooo, we've hit the dreaded four month sleep 'regression' in our house, hence the no posting for a month (yikes). Any semblance of a sleep pattern has gone out the window and poor little king has been a bit of a wreck because of it.
It started about 3 days before daylight savings went back, then of course that happened, which did NOT help. And then a visit to Granny & Grandpa in Adelaide over easter was too much excitement-sleep just got in the way. Of course having no routine for that time meant he got all confused once we got home, and over-tired too. Then teething started, and to top it all off four month immunisations. After charting his sleep on exel, it seems he's trying to go from mostly asleep to mostly awake during the day, and this obviously takes some time developmentally. (yes I am that geeky, but this guy is worse)
But through all this we've had some good things too: he's learned to roll back to front and to stand up from sitting (with a hand held from dad). He's tried pear, and loooved it, drooling, lunging at the spoon with his mouth and grabbing the container to throw pear everywhere. Avocado was a great success too-a green moustache is very sexeh, apparently.
He's nearly discovered his feet-he keeps staring at them, and has grabbed them once, but not really with intent yet. And he's nearly commando crawling, spinning in a circle, and moving about 3 inches forward, but we're still a way off yet.
His eyes are slowly going brown, and he's looking a lot more like his daddy (personally i think it's the monobrow, but don't tell him that!). His hair has yet to fall out and re-grow, but there's a lovely bald patch on the back from rolling around looking at everything-very becoming.
I haven't had much time to make things alas, but I've managed to fix and mend a couple of things that were in desperate need of it (bras nearly falling off, holes in favorite shirts that get worn to work without getting me to fix them. sigh.)
With a little more sleep, I'll be more inspired, I promise!

Thursday, 2 April 2009

busy busy busy

Too busy to post this week gone. In the good way, thankfully.
*My mum came over from Tassie on the weekend to spend some time with the King, which was great. A really nice relaxing day. Having Kingston has definitely improved our relationship a great deal,I think because we now have a shared topic of interest we can talk non-stop about!
*Finally managed to vacuum the house, which was starting to grow things I'm sure. (dull but necessary-next I need to mop up all the vomit spills, at least most are just milk from King ha aaha )
*Been emailing back and forth with a long lost friend from way back, who now has 2 kids, her youngest was born within the week of King which is pretty cool, so talking baby shite lots.
*Personal training on wed nights, with these guys: next level Gary is fit as fuck and a lovely guy, so slowly getting my body back, which is nice. (currently a slim size 10, with huge norgs, but I've lost 5cm off my circumferences so far...wooo!)
*Best of all though, I have actually managed to do some making! Nothing on the range yet, I've been procrastinating on the patternmaking front, but some little things for king, which I'm happy about. I did cut out 10 size small minky nappies for him, leave them in my 'to do' pile, and then discover 4 days later he's grown out of smalls....bloody growth spurts! he weighs 7.01kg now! so i'll just leave them until the next one comes along, and they can have them.

Ok, ok, pictures, right? who goes to blogs to actually read anyway?!?

A taggy blankie for King. (the button is bigger than a film canister, so safe if the rick rack breaks), the back is minky (sooooft), and the monkey faces are great, as King is right into faces at the moment.

A grandpa cap and slippers for King. I had a cap that was toddlers size (52cm) and i copied the pattern and then graded it down to 00-0 size (49cm). I also added some elastic at the back (under the lining), so it will grip his head until he grows into it. And a cute rocket pip label.
The shoes also have a soft leather sole and will fit until 6months, so he should get some wear out of them I hope! I just followed this pattern.

I also made a new playmat, as I wanted one with the overhanging bits to hang toys from. (King looooves hitting things), so I cut up a pop-up laundry basket and used the heavy wire from that. covered them in some hand made gingham bias tape, and made some 'stoppers' for the emds with leather inside to preven the wire from poking through. the rest is just the usual sewing etc...
Apparently it works! Apologies for the shitty lighting, but we couldn't wait one second to try it out!



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