Monday, 17 February 2014

Back to being me

Well it's been a while, hasn't it?
I've been dithering around here and there, and have been inspired to come back to blogging. Trying to make it more personal again, and write what I enjoy reading, rather than being a business-y type blog.
So this is more of a visual diary of inspirations and works in progress instead of a blow by blow account of what I've been up to.

Back to study, doing textile design part time in the evenings, which is completely wonderful! It's soooooo good to feed my brain again, and this is the perfect opportunity to dip my toes back in the industry and make some connections after being out of the work force for so long.

Still have a few kinks to work out with the blog- posting from my iPad, so it's easy to write, but I really am a visual person, so I need to kerjigger things a bit to make it easy to post visuals.

Ok, things to do while the babe sleeps. Hopefully it won't be another three years until the next post!



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