Saturday, 31 July 2010

ooh, cute photoshoot pics...

yeah alright, so i couldn't wait!
plus i'm sitting in front of the computer for what feels like seventy nine hours straight uploading to etsy, so i might as well do something constructive at the same time, right?

so without further ado, here is some very cute cuteness by two sweet little boys doing their very best blue steel impressions.

half way there now.

This is the gorgeous Mr D helping us out with his best 'blue steel'. Half way through the mound of listings now, so with luck I should be finished tonight, yay! I'll post some out takes from our mini photoshoot next week, the boys were so damn cute!

Friday, 30 July 2010

Woohoo first item up!

Ps I love that little guy!

Xxx Cherry

Wow etsy takes a long time

This is going to take more than one night peeps. I will be uploading
over the next 2-3 nights to get it all up. (yah there is lots of
goodies!), but fear not, as soon as they are loaded I will be sewing
up more storms and more goodies. No one will miss out. ( she says
rather presumptuously as though the shop is going to sell out in 3
days! :p ha!)

Xxx Cherry

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Wow, originally uploaded by cherry_rockette.
You don't realise how much you've done until you pull it all out.
(planning outfits for tomorrow's shoot) And I still haven't made the
red shirt or a few other colourways of things either. Just wow. Etsy's
gonna be full on Friday night!
I'm gonna say drop by the shop on Saturday, that way I can stay up
hella late if I need to and it still went up the 30th right? :P

Xxx Cherry

Photo shoot tomorrow- eep!

Not catalogue style, but just to show what the clothes look like on a
body or two for etsy. So much easier to see the fit before you buy
that way. Then Friday is editing and uploading day. Wheeee, I made it
just in time!
Still piles of sewing to do for further colourways and more sizes, and
I'm very excited about what I have planned for spring come September,
Still have to rework the blog a bit and make it all Furious Kingston-
y, so fingers crossed I can get that done on Friday as well.
Wish me luck!

Xxx Cherry


Booyah!, originally uploaded by cherry_rockette.
Take THAT 2 colour printing without a carousel! Woo!

Xxx Cherry

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

See. All cut.

See. All cut., originally uploaded by cherry_rockette.
And ready to sew.
Good job. Have a biscuit.

Xxx Cherry

Western shirt

Western shirt, originally uploaded by cherry_rockette.
In black/grey half finished. Red/tan also cut for winter and white/
stone blue/choc will be ready for spring.

Xxx Cherry

Warning print

Warning print, originally uploaded by cherry_rockette.
Delicious new print ready to put on tees.

Xxx Cherry

Cut cut cut

Cut cut cut, originally uploaded by cherry_rockette.
Lots of shirts and tees ready to sew.

Xxx Cherry

Monday, 26 July 2010

Friday, 23 July 2010

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Knee patch pants

Knee patch pants, originally uploaded by cherry_rockette.

Size 2's nearly all done. Just the waistbands and labels to go. Then
to sew up the 1's and 3's.
Four great colours to choose from too.

Xxx Cherry

Jumpers and tees

Jumpers and tees, originally uploaded by cherry_rockette.

Being sewn up as we speak.
Pattern graded to sizes 1-3 and more long and short sleeve tees on the
cards too. Just have to cut, print and sew. Running a little behind
for July 30th, but I'll have to catch up. Wait any longer and it'll be

Xxx Cherry

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

still alive

Finally, finally finished all the sewing on the fracking jeans. damn that took forever. just the snaps at the front and the labels (still yet to arrive), and then they're DONE.
website planning and designing has been going on of an evening, but that will be a fair while before it's up and running (we're learning web design in this house, yay!) And I'm about to overhaul this blog to be all Kingston-a-fied in appearance and shiny new. I did start a blog called Furious Kingston, but then thought it's a hassle to have everyone follow two blogs about the same thing, and i'm not blog addicted enough to post double, so you'll have to read a blog called Furious Kingston at an address called cherry rockette. not too confusing? good.
Been making silk screens for prints, which I had to then clean off the emulsion and completely re-burn all bar one, as this is the first time i've done it and my lovely fine linework needs a finer screen than the 43T that the kit came with. grrrr. lucky the extra mesh i bought was finer and works a treat. so i'll be printing up some tees next week! yay! now if only my coverstitch machine wasn't playing merry hell with me...
ok, wow i sound like a sour mouthed old nag. i'm not, really. just feels like 'murphy's law' around here lately: *i ran out of staples in my staple gun about 3 staples before the last screen. went to get more. wrong size.
*those screens burned all wrong
*coverstitch machine works fine when set to 6mm(great for hems), but hates me when set to 8mm(what i need for the necks right now)
*coverstitch machine lost a vital screw into the ether that is my carpet. bunnings dont stock teeny tiny screws, so now have a bloody great long one sticking outta the machine. ha aha ah
*needed a spray hose for cleaning the screens, so attached a 'little squirt' to our loo (used for cleaning poop off cloth nappies), took forever to get the old bloody pipe off, then nearly shredded the plastic thread putting on the sprayer, spraying water everywhere, including all over myself. only to discover that it's too damn awkward to clean a screen with one hand while bent over the loo inhaling faeces fumes and looking at skid marks from about 6" away. ewwww. and that a toothbrush and loads of photo emulsion remover works just fine in the laundry tub. sigh. at least it makes a funny story, right? right?

It's all worth it though, the tee prints are going to be freaking brilliant! i'm very excited!

xCherry & Kingston


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