Wednesday, 26 November 2008

mini quilt (ish)

damn i love having wednesdays off work. so damn tired. i slept in till 10.30, then did 'stuff' until 4.30, napped for 2hrs, had dinner, layed on the couch internetting (feeding my nappy making addiction) and i'm off to bed in a couple of mins. this playing 'host' to a baby sure is draining! so what did i do all day? cleaned, snacked, washed clothes (all the 'fun' stuff-yeah right) and made this:

a mini double sided quilt for the pram/car capsule. i used a roller derby bandanna for one side (i designed these and had them printed for derby ages ago and had 1 spare), and some cute gingham for the other. it's not really a true quilt, since there's no patchworking involved, but i did sandwich a layer of cotton cellular blanket in-between so it's warm, yet cool. and i did do some topstitching, which is kinda the 'quiting' part, yes? i figure it's small and looks like a quilt, therefore it IS a quilt. ha.

and in other baby related news, i just ordered the last of the fabric i'll need to finish my nappy stash. should arrive next week, so i can finally finish the nappies.

and i ordered this delicious bag from cradle rock (Julie was lovely to deal with, i highly recommend the site) with some money my mum gave me for my birthday. she said to spend it on something luxurious, and pampering, so i'm booking in for a facial and a massage too, but this bag is so gorgeous i just had to have it. (and way out of my price range-i had made a satchel type bag-so it's definately in the 'spoiling' category that's for sure!) it comes with a zip out base with hidden change mat, and a coordinating wipes case and is nice and big and has clips to hang it to the pram too.
the site has right clicking disabled, but you can see more if you click here. they have some lovely bags, but don't sell online, so you need to find a good retailer in oz if you want one. (i suggest cradle rock!) i'm loving their 'swallows' range, but i'm guessing the sling is going to to be exxey, so maybe i can just find a good pattern online. anyone know of a free pattern to make the same style in the link? i like how slimline and neat it is. not really into the wrapping all around with extra fabric type slings-they look too hippy for me (sorry mum!).

ugh, too tired. i'm off to bed. hopefully this little monkey will give me a few minutes break from kicking me in the ribs! ha aaha

Sunday, 23 November 2008

more nappies! yet only 1/2 way done...

I made another 3 AI2's:

and 5 bamboo/cotton fitteds:
yay! stash is now half finshed (15 nappies all up), so i'm going to start making some slightly larger ones now, that are adjustable and will last longer (s-m instead of nb-s).

and guess what came in the mail this week? my maxi cosi! yay!!!!!!!
And here it is on the quinny buzz base that we picked up on wed:
not much left to go now, which is good, since there's only 58 days to go! so exciting, and nerve wracking at the same time. all worth it in the end though right?

Sunday, 16 November 2008

nappies a hoy!

ok, so my lovely snaps press arrived yesterday, yay! i have now made 6 newborn/small ai2's to start my stash. (the red one is the original itti bitti) i don't really like the idea of flanny flats or fitted+covers (i like the ease of the ai1's, and flats/fiteds are just not pretty enough for me!), so i'm planning on just using ai2's. but everywhere i look (forums and websites), everyone seems to be recommending the fitted+covers or flanny/terry flats options for newborns. i thought maybe i was missing something? so i asked my favorite forum ladies for some feedback, and now i'm thinking of maybe making a few more of the larger sizes so they can grow into them(and just in case bubs is bigger at birth) and making some fitteds using a OSFM design+ fleece and wool covers "just in case". A lot to get done in the next 5 weeks (i'm due in 9), but i'm up for the challenge!
i've heard newborns will poop a LOT, and very liquidy ones at that, so the ai2's i have made are thus:
itti bitti d'lish pattern (size s) adapted to add
a)internal gussets for extra containment
b)full internal extra layer of bamboo jersey for additional soaking power throughout the nappy, not just in the 'wet zone'
c)outer cotton layer for prettiness (yes, i know the increased risk of wicking, but i'm willing to deal with that for the good looking fabric options. i am too vain!)

after much research, i figured the itti's could use some improving to make them more appropriate for the NB stage, so hence the gussets and internal bamboo layer.

total nappy is therefore:
outer: cotton or cotton/elastane poplin (pretty fabric)
hidden poly PUL layer (breathable but waterproof)
hidden bamboo jersey layer (a double thickness for soaking power)
lining: poly microfleece(for stay dry-ness)

then i have made a trifold booster (outer layers bamboo jersey, with a microfibre inner layer 30cm x 30cm then folded into 3rds and laid inside nappy between gussets)

then an hourglass shaped pad for against baby's skin (poly microfleece stay dry layer against bum, then microfibre layer, then bamboo jersey base, overlock layers together) baby would wear the nappy + hourglass pad, and if it was a big wee-er
or o'night i'd add the trifold booster too

next up: small-med AI2's and some flanny/terry flats + covers.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

tick, tick, tick

ok, i am officially less panicked now we've ordered the baby capsule.

we're getting the maxi cosi from the Netherlands to go with the Quinny Buzz 3 wheeler stroller we'll get next month. see, all full of shiny.
i also ordered a whole pile of fabric from green beans to make MCN (nappies), which arrived on friday afternoon, yay! only one problem: the lovely coloured resin snaps need a special snap press to attach. damn. so i can't finish my nappies until that arrives (ordered today, so hopefully won't take too long to get here). i don't want to post wip pics of them yet, i'd rather wait and post once i've finished a few. so this week i will be cutting out many a nappy and booster and soaker in readiness for that lovely snap press to arrive. Just getting a black capsule and stroller, so i can make covers in all kinds of fabrics depending on what the kid is wearing or mood i'm in. (leopard print, cherries, 50's tiki, etc...)i know it's crazy ridiculous to even bother, but i don't care! ha aha a.
Here is the Quinny Buzz with the normal seat(top), and the maxi-cosi attached(bottom).
so cute!
Great small wheel base, so good for indoors/shopping isles etc. and the 3 wheeler has a great tight turning circle, so it has excellent manouverability too.
Love the fact that the capsule transfers from stroller, to car (isofix) to indoors, so if the little monkey is alseep, we don't need to wake him/her when transferring. Can you tell i'm excited?? ha aaha I probably sound like a sales ad, but i don't care, i'm giddy because i only have 10wks to go!
Can't wait till it arrives so i can start making more thing, like dangling toys and covers, yay!

Sunday, 2 November 2008


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