Sunday, 16 November 2008

nappies a hoy!

ok, so my lovely snaps press arrived yesterday, yay! i have now made 6 newborn/small ai2's to start my stash. (the red one is the original itti bitti) i don't really like the idea of flanny flats or fitted+covers (i like the ease of the ai1's, and flats/fiteds are just not pretty enough for me!), so i'm planning on just using ai2's. but everywhere i look (forums and websites), everyone seems to be recommending the fitted+covers or flanny/terry flats options for newborns. i thought maybe i was missing something? so i asked my favorite forum ladies for some feedback, and now i'm thinking of maybe making a few more of the larger sizes so they can grow into them(and just in case bubs is bigger at birth) and making some fitteds using a OSFM design+ fleece and wool covers "just in case". A lot to get done in the next 5 weeks (i'm due in 9), but i'm up for the challenge!
i've heard newborns will poop a LOT, and very liquidy ones at that, so the ai2's i have made are thus:
itti bitti d'lish pattern (size s) adapted to add
a)internal gussets for extra containment
b)full internal extra layer of bamboo jersey for additional soaking power throughout the nappy, not just in the 'wet zone'
c)outer cotton layer for prettiness (yes, i know the increased risk of wicking, but i'm willing to deal with that for the good looking fabric options. i am too vain!)

after much research, i figured the itti's could use some improving to make them more appropriate for the NB stage, so hence the gussets and internal bamboo layer.

total nappy is therefore:
outer: cotton or cotton/elastane poplin (pretty fabric)
hidden poly PUL layer (breathable but waterproof)
hidden bamboo jersey layer (a double thickness for soaking power)
lining: poly microfleece(for stay dry-ness)

then i have made a trifold booster (outer layers bamboo jersey, with a microfibre inner layer 30cm x 30cm then folded into 3rds and laid inside nappy between gussets)

then an hourglass shaped pad for against baby's skin (poly microfleece stay dry layer against bum, then microfibre layer, then bamboo jersey base, overlock layers together) baby would wear the nappy + hourglass pad, and if it was a big wee-er
or o'night i'd add the trifold booster too

next up: small-med AI2's and some flanny/terry flats + covers.


  1. Nice, very nice, you've done an AMAZING JOB sewing cute, funky AIO's! Perhaps you need to consider a WAHM store specialising in your crafty expertise! Cheers Mel xox

  2. Nice looking nappies!! Sooooo I guess you are having a girl then.... not good for the MCN budget/making addiction if you get my drift...ROFL! The amount of fabric I have accumulated since I found out my 2nd was a girl is ridiculous but she's going to have a lot of very nice nappies! Can't wait to see what else you create.

  3. wow..... you have been really busy. I love all of them.

  4. Wow, u've done a great job with the gusset.

    Well done, love all ur nappies. :)



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