Sunday, 23 November 2008

more nappies! yet only 1/2 way done...

I made another 3 AI2's:

and 5 bamboo/cotton fitteds:
yay! stash is now half finshed (15 nappies all up), so i'm going to start making some slightly larger ones now, that are adjustable and will last longer (s-m instead of nb-s).

and guess what came in the mail this week? my maxi cosi! yay!!!!!!!
And here it is on the quinny buzz base that we picked up on wed:
not much left to go now, which is good, since there's only 58 days to go! so exciting, and nerve wracking at the same time. all worth it in the end though right?


  1. Love that pram!! 58 days to go.... wow... hope you get some time off work soon to catch up your baby making!!

  2. Nice Nappies. Nice pram choice too. I had a Quinny speedi for DS but it gets used for walking only now but I do love how smooth the Quinny's are!



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