Saturday, 31 October 2009


Or rabbits or pacman have been taste testing everything in our crisper drawer... Methinks it was a small blonde pacman. Waka waka waka

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

dear triumph...

Dear Triumph,

why do you only make this wonderful style in white or a weird flesh tone that doesn't match any real skin colour? and only in limited sizes? if this was black and available in my size i would buy lots. lots and lots. and so would vintage pin-up girls the world over. there's a hidden market there you know. sigh. maybe i can find a white on ebay somewhere and take it in...

Doreen 'L-02' long line bra


crazy dreams

as you may or may not know, mums who co-sleep (or sleep near) their babies don't enter stage 4 sleep (the deep sleep, oh how i miss it!) and upon waking, remember dreams more so than before baby came along. i don't always remember mine, but a recent one stuck due to it's complete craziness;

scene1: i was in theatre having a c-section for my second child(no, not preggo yet, and not planning on a c-ser), and i was watching them cut me open. interestingly my insides were leopard print with scarlet trim-sweet!), and then just as they're about to lift the baby out...

scene 2: post op lying in my room and hubby walks in, with a shaved head and glasses(apparently he'd been to his school reunion, and it required the shaving-as you do). he says 'surprise, we had twins!' um, yay. strange it wasn't picked up on the scans, but hey, ok i'll roll with it. 'do i want to see the babies?' well, yes, that's would ever so neat, yes please. in he walks with the two tiny babies. one girl and one boy. the girl has pale skin and dark hair, and the boy has tan skin and fair hair. picture perfect. except for one striking feature- they're rabbits. yup, i've given birth to twin bunnies. what the hell is my sub conscience telling me?!?

crazy brain.


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