Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Toy car table

Toy car table, originally uploaded by cherry_rockette.

Someone got so excited playing with the train table in the toy store
today that I had to make him one right away. One problem- we don't
have a low table or any trains. Or any money. So I dug out a table top
we had in the shed and put it on his little dinner table and then
stuck cardboard on the top, and then right around the edge to give it
a lip so the cars don't fall off. A $5 old car track from the op shop
and some cardboard trees and tunnels and bingo! A car table! We'll
see if he likes it tomorrow when he gets up. Much better than the
floor mat while he's still young, as he doesn't yet have full pretend
play going on, so the track enables him to know where to put an drive
the cars. And he's not into trains, just the driving round part.

Xxx Cherry

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