Friday, 25 June 2010

this fire is buuuurning

Soooo, i decided that 'go live' date for the little boys range will be July 1st. this year. yipes! that's one hell of a fire i lit under my arse. so yeah, even if only half the goodies will be up on that date, the rest will follow shortly as i finish them off, and get them up on etsy. so please do bear with me as i blunder my way into being an online business. I don't even have labels yet, gah!
In the future i plan to have a stall at Mathilda's market (if they'll have me, i'm yet to apply), and in all likelihood a couple of other markets around Melbourne also. how that's going to work with a toddler i have no idea, but i'm sure we'll work it all out!

So everyone, please keep your fingers crossed for me that I don't just fall in a heap from exhaustion, and that maybe one or two things sell at least!

Until we launch, i'm going to be rather a busy busy little weasel, but i'll endeavor to post updates as and when they happen too, it's all too exciting not to share!

xCherry & Kingston

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