Saturday, 5 September 2009

inconvenient fussy week - but so much development!

soooo, i had planned to be making things left right and centre this past two weeks. but of course those of you with babies know how well plans last! no sooner had my new shiny machines been serviced (by this lovely guy-go see him if you need anything, he was great), but of course little king started going through:
  • his 36wk wonder week (see here & here for info)
  • sleep hell due to above (no naps, and waking through the night and being miserable from no sleep)
  • teething (just moving- no more yet)
  • learning to pull up (success!)
  • learning to climb (success!)
  • learning to walk holding our hands (success!)
  • separation anxiety (gaaaaaaaaah - limpet again!)
so the whole time has been spent carrying him around, comfort feeding and generally trying not to die from lack of sleep!
i'm so lucky to have friends and family that have helped us get through this! a special mention to Cat and D for allowing us to play in Dylan world when i just couldn't face going home!

in better news, we have gotten sooo much better at catching his wees and poops. we caught all his morning wees in the potty yesterday, and he stayed dry throughout his nap, and then we caught his after nap wees too! yay EC!

so right now my fingers are tingling with hope that he'll be a bit better this coming week, as i'm really looking forward to making some new clothes!

hope everyone else is having a better start to spring.


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