Saturday, 12 September 2009

new mai tai

after my delicious new industrial machines were serviced, the first thing i made was a new carrier for the little man. unfortunately my plain machine decided to blow up (well, leak vast amounts of hideous smoke and nearly setting off the fire alarm, eeek!). so alas i had to finish off on my trusty metal domestic, but still, i made something, woo!!! no fault of the service man, the machine was on its' last legs,(and a super-duper-nearly-free kinda bargain) but i thought it would last longer than that! poo. oh well, at least i can get another one now that is in better nick. anyway, this is the carrier i made:

it's black stretch cotton twill (a beautiful fine, light weight), with the pocket from a vintage silk kimono:

it can be worn as a front carry, back carry or side carry, so much more versatile than the sling or bjorn. and when made from pretty fabrics, it doesn't look so, um, hippy. nothing wrong with being alternative, but personally i don't really want to wear rainbow colours or crazy prints like so many mai tais are made from. bleaugh.

and the boy likes it too! (excuse the house clothes)



  1. i love your baby carrier.
    it makes me want to have a baby again, just so i can make and use one. but only for a minute ;-)
    i'm happy where i am at the moment and three is a perfect amount of children for me!
    i love your fabric choices too - tres chic!!



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