Wednesday, 3 September 2008

what's on your wall?

my current inspiration board.
i'm sick of trying to buy maternity clothing and only finding ugly blandy mc bland stuff. and no-one seems to make anything smaller than size 10 or that isn't covered in ugly.
i don't want to wear cargos or plain tee shirts or anything that resembles laura ashley circa 1983.
i want to look like the divine miss dita with a basketball up her top.
so a sewing i will go, a sewing i will go, high ho the dairy oh, a sewing i will go...

so what's inspiring you lately?

why isn't there any sexy but cute and pin-uppy clothing for me?


  1. ohhhhh me too!! I am so fed up with searching and searching for funky maternity clothes only to find the same crap everywhere and your right nothing bigger than a size ten....which wont go near my preg curves. ahhhhhhhh. happy sewing. looking forward to the results.

  2. Belated congrats !

    I remember writing almost exactly the same thing with the first born - i'm soooo much more the suburban throwback I used to laugh at with the 2nd though - ugh!

    God, i'm so ashamed to even admit what I have become :p

    Good Luck :)



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