Friday, 19 September 2008

my first quilt

Ta Daaaaaaaaa. My first ever quilt is completed.
I actually finished it this weekend gone, but I've been too damn knackered to post anything this week. That baby is sucking the life outta me. Be great if i could not work so much, or at all, and just spend the time baby growing and crafting, but alas, income must be earned.
Anyway, here is my lovely quilt. I kept the design very simple, with 15cm squares, because I chose so many different fabrics, i really wanted the cloth to speak for itself. Next one might be more complex, see how i go. The pictures don't seem to do it justice, the colours are a lot brighter in real life, they seem a little washed out in the pics. Oh well, we're not all brilliant photographers.

close up, with help:

I backed the quilt with a soft dobby spotted voile, to add a pretty texture, without detracting from the crazy colours of the main side. 3cm wide binding in red poplin.

Big view (it's large enough to cover the king single bed that is the day bed in the kid's room):

And a shot to show the quilt in whole room context.
Ignore the fugly curtains; we rent. I am yet to make new ones, but don't worry they're on the list

And the cute sock monkey (pirate style) that i made on sunday. (the red eye patch is covering his other eye, and he has a silver earring as well, bit hard to see in the small pic-but if you click the picture, it''s easier to see) It's a bit big though, the body is about 20cm high, buttocks to forehead. I wasn't expecting the socks to stretch so much, but of course modern socks all have elastane in them, duh! For my first sock monkey attempt, i'm otherwise pretty happy with it. I want to now get some tiny socks and make tiny sock monkeys for tiny hands to hold!

So that's one weekend of crafting to one week of slobbing on the couch and passing out at 8pm. not a great ratio, I admit, but hopefully next week will be better.


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  1. WOW.... you rock!!! love the quilt... well done!! That sock monkey is gorgeous!! Im at the baby-life-sucking stage also ahhhhhhhh YUK!!
    Is that a Amby Baby Hammock I see in babes room?? I want one so



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