Saturday, 27 December 2008

He's here!!!

Well that was a bit sudden!

so much for the christmas shopping we were doing last weekend- that got interrupted by a small surprise that arrived on monday afternoon. welcome to the world, young man!

let me be the first to introduce our first child: Kingston Indiana Godzilla Nelson.

born monday 22 - 12 - 08 at 17:15 (at 36wks - 4 weeks early!)
7lb 14oz (3572gms)
head: 34cm
length: 50cm
(look at that cute grin!)
Poor little man's lungs were not fully grown because he's so early, so he's been in the special care nursury (SCN) since birth (hence the tubes and wires in the pics), but he's big and strong for such a young age, so he's been very very lucky to be doing so well. Improving every day, although not out of the woods yet. we're hoping to bring him home soon, but only when he's ready.

My first Mohawk!

I'll update more once he's home and safe. Just need some time to focus and get better.
We love you little guy!

xxxCherry + Daddy


  1. Oh Cherry CONGRATULATIONS!!! I hope you little man is ready for you to bring him home very soon. Welcome to the world little man :)

  2. Ohhhhh wow... I was just thinking about you this morning. Congratulations. What a handsome man you have made ....Well Done!!! welcome kingston. what a strong name you have.

  3. Congratulations!! What a lovely little angel!

  4. aw - how cute!
    everyone's having babies - it's so nice, but i wish i were closer so i could have a cuddle. i love newborns.
    glad to hear he's doing okay - at times like this you are grateful for hospitals - they keep them well and nuture them until they are strong enough to go home.
    take care all of you

  5. Wow! Little earlybird! He is a good size for being so early!!! All the best, Kara.

  6. Awwww he is absolutely divine! HUGS, the most precious miracle of all, new life, and what a gorgeous little boy he is. You will spend hours completely lost just marvelling at your creation! Mel xox

  7. Congratulations. cant believe he weighs 3.5kg at 36 wks (wow). It's good that he comes early hehe. He's gorgeous hope he'll be out of special care nursery soon. U take care and enjoy ur little bundle of joy :)

  8. Congratulation! He's gorgeous, and I love his name! Gigantor was on our shortlist, but we never considered Godzilla ;)

  9. congratulations! what a suprise to see him so soon! hope hes doing realy well. what a beautiful little family you are:)

  10. Congratulations!! He was a nice size too which is lucky! Just gorgeous!



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