Thursday, 18 December 2008


So other than the 2hr nanna nap on the couch, i did this today:

about 1m x 1m, just assorted stash fabrics in black and white, with a soft jersey centre panel. i backed the whole thing in thick suede backed sherpa that my mum gave me so it's nice and soft to lay on. i kept with the b+w theme, since newborns learn to see contrasts for the first 6 months, and i thought this way it looks less 'quilt' like. stuffed some heart shapes and attached at each corner for some dimensionality and colour.
nothing fancy, but it does the job nicely and looks better than those gawd awful plastic things in shops.
yesterday i also made 7 size M nappies (Just in case). deleted the gussets though, since by the time the kid grows into the M's they should be less squirty in the poop department (i hope!)
No, we don't know if the little monkey is going to be a girl or boy, and yes, i know most of the nappies are more 'girly', but that's because i made them and i just happen to be a big girly pants. i can't help it, those are just the fabrics i gravitate towards. to be fair though, DH did come with me to spotlight and help pick out fabrics. i do love the retro printed planes and trucks and things, so if we do have a boy, i'm going to go a bit crazy and buy some fabric online and whip some up. it's all well and good to promote gender neutrality at a young age, and not to inflict stereotypes, but the reality is that babies brains are different right from the word go. boys and girls ARE different in so many ways, and even though both genders have the same potential for achievement, they will do so in different ways and in different fields, even without environmental bias from parents/siblings etc. as a generalisation, most boys seem to be enchanted by machinery and vehicles, and girls prefer people and faces. hmmm, be interesting to see how our kid turns out. (other than effed up by us, ha ahaa )

oh, and thanks to everyone who left comments on my nappies, it's nice to hear others like them as well! yay! i'm musing over whether to sell some next year (after the kid's here). i want to be a wahm, and i think it will be a good source of pocket money while i try to get my clothing line up and running (a much slower process). But i wnat to wait until i have the kid and can test them out, and make sure they 'work' iykwim? i'd feel wierd selling something that hadn't been tested first. and i'll have to adapt my pattern, so it's not a copy of the itti one, becasue that would just not be fair to the lady who set up itti (aside from ahem, illegal)

well 33 days to go.....



  1. love everything.... the playmat looks rocking good. your right about the gender stuff.... my handsome gravitated towards trucks, cars and tools way before we bought him any... he is such a BOY!! lol.
    thanx for the sweet comments on my blog... you are right... my new handsome.....Axel David entered the world at 907am thurs 11/12..... will blog about him soon..... enjoy your last month of kid free time before you enter the wonderful time-sux that is motherhood hehe.

  2. wow not long now!! Are you super excited??
    I love the playmat. It is awesome!! I am a big black and white fan :)
    Pretty funky nappies too!! Wish I could sew that well!!

  3. love the play mat, super cool! cant believe your parents in law also live in pt wakefield, how crazy! let me know their names and ill ask my partner benny and his parents if they know them. (and hopefully il get on the net soon to read your reply, our internet isnt hooked up yet and its darn near killin me)ps you should totaly sell cloth nappies like what youve been making for your bubs, they look great



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