Wednesday, 17 December 2008

13 pounder?!? aaaaaaaargh!

ok, so i had my 35wk appt with Ob yesterday morning, and he says my bub is going to be big. not only that, he then goes on to joke that it's going to be 11, 12 or 13lb!!!! the jerk.
realistically, the kid is more likely to be 8-9lb (i hope)
so apart from the minor freak out about birthing the fatty, i am now worried that all the nappies i have made wont fit!
so i've just cut out 7 size M nappies just in case, and they're being made now (well, not right now obviously, but later today). after quizzing the ladies at Nappychino, i'm thinking the smalls should be ok for the first 3months, but if i make some M's then at least i have them ready to go just in case. esp since i now have about 20 size S in my stash, which should be plenty for now.
Of course those same ladies then went on to scare the bejeebus outta me by making sure i knew "it's not the weight it's the head size", and of course those of you that know my DH know his head is HUGE. so yay, yay for my girls bits in 34 days. (insert sarcasm here)

these are the new size S i made last week:

and here's some shots of the 'nursery' so far:
amby hammock, on a curved wooden miyo stand, single bed just as a day bed/place to feed/change. (it's a 15+yo base with a $20 foam mattress, so not really sleep-on-able)
oh how i loath those rental house curtains. they remind me of a b+b circa 1983. bleaugh! will have to get some op-shop curtains asap.
op-shop chest of drawers (i think $40?), but we love it. covered in all the toys we've been given.
petunia pickle bottom 'scout' nappy bag (DH's)-love this!
nappy and cleaning stash (so far). i want to fill that top shelf with nappies, bwah aha ha ahaa aha.
the clothes that need hanging (rest are folded in drawers)-no idea if it's a boy or girl yet, so we've stashed things for both. (yes, hung in colour order, i am that anal)
boxes above are for future clothes- 1 box for size 1+, 1 box for size 2+.
petunia pickle bottom 'cake' nappy bag of mine-yum!
not much left on the list of 'to do's', thankfully. though with such a short time left i'd be worried if there was! i know some people can be organised in the last minute, but this just aint me. i'm a planner. create the plan, break down the plan into steps, execute the plan. that's me!

last few things we don't 'need' per se, but i want to make now while i have a little free time (if not much energy-i'm enjoying doing the making):
* playmat + a few small infant toys attached-letter blocks, taggy blankets etc...
* pram mobile/toy dangler
* cot mobile/toy dangler
* this 'happy stacker' toy-just delish.
* these cute baby shoes
* this little tortellini pillow for on the playmat
* a few more bibs.

sorry i've been lax in the posting, just getting too tired to do much these days. my ob asked how i've been, and i said "fat and tired", and his reply? "yes, well that's to be expected". le sigh. just have to be patient now. kid will come when it's ready, i don't want to rush it, but we're very excited about meeting them.



  1. That man should be publicly flogged for trying to frighten you like that! Honestly, I don't know why they think it's a good idea to tell you that rubbish, they have no idea how big your baby is!

    I'm sure your body will do a perfectly wonderful job of labouring and delivering your beautiful baby.

    I'm looking forward to meeting him or her too!

  2. Hey there,

    Yeah I do make BIG bags - check out my 10totes and x large totes on

    I love the nappies you've made! I have made rugs, quilts and stuff - nesting madly... Someone gave me 22 Modern Cloth Nappies (2nd hand) to try out so I think I'm right there for the moment.

    Did you get the Petunia Pickle Bottom bag new? Isn't that website divine?! I want the 'cake bag' too! I keep watching ebay.

    My partner is using a vintage Qantas bag as 'his' baby bag!!! Hee hee!


  3. ur baby wardrobe looks so organised. In fact my DH just joke about that few days ago saying how organise i used to be when we were expecting our 1st child. everything is folded nicely with their own compartment. After that, I just get more and more slack :D

    In case u are having a girl, will u be selling ur boying nappies?

  4. haha sorry to scare you!! I birthed an 11 pound baby with a 39cm head, way above average so i am sure you will be fine hun! Also Ashton is only JUST getting to the end of his med ittis, at 3.5 months (remembering he was 11 pounds) and 8.5kg so I am sure your bub will be fine in the smalls!
    You look like one very organised mumma!!

  5. when i had emily i was told i was going to have a BIG baby - she was 7lb 10oz. when i had louis they told me he was an average size and he was 10lbs!!! mind you he didn't hurt much coming out - but i did have a water birth with him. hope all goes well.



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