Friday, 5 December 2008

effin outta there!

last day of work-woooooooo!
ok, yeah, i still have to have the actual baby and raise it which is more work than ever, but at least that's also fun and exciting.
QA aint fun and exciting.


but next year i can start my own line and hopefully grow the small business into something successful, which i'm very excited about.

and this was my leaving gift from work, which i LOVE, and we;ve been wanting, but haven't been able afford, so i'm very happy!

ps: her name is dotty.


  1. ohhhhhh lucky u.

  2. Gorgeous! Inigo just got the cow version for his birthday, but he hasn't worked out the finer details of how to drive it yet :)

  3. high five to finishing work, im finishing my job on friday! (moving away)
    what work do you do?
    love the lady bird, im sure baby and dotty will become good friends:)



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