Saturday, 3 January 2009

he's home!!!!!

well finally we get to play happy family.
after 13 days in SCN he is all healthy and wonderful, and now weighs 3670gms, so over birth weight-yay!
thank you to everyone that left comments, it was really lovely to read. we're officially on babymoon, so no posts from me for a couple of weeks i think. then cracking back into the swing of things and starting the cherry rockette stuff-woooo!


  1. YAY..... congratulations!! what a handsome dude you have made!! Enjoy your baby moon....

  2. he's so cute!
    enjoy being at home - it's so nice to be at home in your own space - much more relaxed. i love babies when they are so new - it's kinda scary at times, but you get through it and it's all good.
    see you when you feel ready!

  3. gorgeous photos, he looks so peaceful and content. enjoy your baby moon

  4. Awwwww...congratulations!!!! What a gorgeous little guy. And a great size for 36 weeks. Glad you are both doing well and look forward to reading a bit more when you are up to it. :)

  5. Congratulations from a complete stranger!! Your gorgeous friend Karen ordered some fabrics from me for your new fella, i do hope you love them as much as Karen did!! All the best with Kingston, being a mother is just the best thing ever!! Happy days ahead of you, love Posie (fabric loving mummy of 4)

  6. Congratulations !

    I thought i'd better pop in to see how you were doing .. and wow.. he's here !

    Enjoy your babymoon - I love his Blankie, and he's a very nice weight too !

  7. How are you finding the baby hammock? I am umming and ahhing about getting one... little Theodora keeps ending up in our bed at night as she is so hard to settle.




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