Friday, 6 March 2009

Don't think I haven't been trying,..

Ok, I'll admit it. I was naive. I thought i would be able to get back to normalcy post kid. um nup. all you mums can go ahead and point and laugh now. After 10 weeks you'd think I would be able to have SOME time to myself right? ah, no. best i get is the odd half an hour here and there when he's playing by himself or the rare occasion when he's asleep somewhere other than on me. (he's a really crappy day sleeper) Hence no posting because there's nothing to show for the last two months other than a fatty little elephant and a tired mum.
So we finally got a baby bjorn and now i can make things while he happily sleeps on me. (we tried the sling, but he's 6kg and really just too heavy for me in it, and he doesn't really like it much anyways.)
What did i do with myself? i made a new nappy bag! i love the cake bag, but it's a bit heavy for me to carry around on its' own, separate from the pram. such a shame, as it really is gorgeous!

The fabric is 'bamboo' print on broadcloth from spotlight, with stash shinyish black nylon twill for the bows. i really wanted washed nappa leather for the bows, but i don't have that. oh well.
i'm loving it so far, so much lighter to carry, with good sized straps and HUGE inner pockets to fit everything i need, without being too big overall. i'm really really happy with it. especially since I completely dodgied up the pattern as i went along (i'm too lazy to make full patterns). apologies for the poor lighting, it's been rather overcast here.

Business plan is nearly complete, just the boring money planning part to go (yes i know the most vital part is the most boring). Range planning is going really well-it will be a small 12 outfit range to start with, and i'll post some pics of what i'm planning soon, as i need some feedback on a couple of print ideas.

thanks again to everyone who posted/emailed comments while we've been all full of baby time. it's really lovely! just a quick pic to show how much he's grown!


  1. wow - he's all grown up now!
    i remember those early days - it passes in a bit of a haze and one day you realise that you can actually complete a task. it's all good though and as long as baby is happy......
    by the way, my three were all crappy day sleepers so i know what you're going through.
    love the bag - it looks fabulous

  2. What a gorgeous boy!! Well done. Love the bag a perfect accessorie for that handsome man you are growing!! Cant wait to spy what you are working on.

  3. Love your blog, and love your sewing... look forward to seeing your business up and running. Are you making baby clothes to sell?

    cherish from EB

  4. Oooh, he is so cute. Don't worry I have crappy day sleepers too. You will find out your own routine in time and then realise you can still do things, only in 5 min lots...LOL.

  5. Oh I hear you girlfriend! I'm typing one-handed right now. My business is not happening at all. But they are so damn cute!!

    Love the bag and yes, I'm struggling with the Cake bag. It'stoo heavy and structured.



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