Friday, 20 March 2009

Odd One Out Givaway

Soooo, I have too many ideas for my new range. Part of design is knowing how to cull to get the best possible end result. Of course, this is the part I find the hardest!
So I need your help please.
I can only include 5 out of these 6 dresses in my new range. Which one do you like the most? Which the Least? and Why?
Personally I'm leaning towards removing #6, as I don't really wear blouson-y shapes so much. But I know not everyone likes their clothes slim cut with low necks, like me! Oh and the colours and prints are all substitute at this stage, but just representative of what I would like. (I've butchered the lovely Lara Cameron's ginko print, but I think it would be lovely in a black base with jade leaves, and will most likely get this fabric printed up by Ink & Spindle for the range.)
As an incentive to get all you lurkers to help me out, I am offering a givaway to one random commenter: an assorted bundle of cute scrap fabrics and notions for making and crafting. It's not much, but I hope it will help get some ideas flowing for you!
5 fabrics (about 1/2m of each), 2 vintage pieces of lace, some vintage buttons and a 'home companion' dated 18th dec 1948

Oh, and comments close Monday march 23rd 10pm EST, so I can post your goodies out on Wed.


  1. All the designs are pretty darn gorgeous. Which one to exclude? Perhaps it's just because of the strappy-ness, but I find no5 the odd one out - cutesy and french-maidy but not as funky and old school. But frankly it's probably just because I'd look crapola in it!! Happy culling...
    (and ha ha, I don't have a blog so this is as de-lurked as I get!)

  2. I'm with Gina, number 5 does nothing for me. It might be the bow. Or the spaghetti straps. And I adore number 3, that is exactly the sort of dress I would love to wear a) when I finally stop breastfeeding, and b) lose 30kg.

    And please don't put my name in the hat, your gorgeous things would be wasted on me - make sure they go to someone who can sew :)

  3. definately number 6 is the odd one looks a little matronly to me?? Not as sexy and vivacious as its cousins perhaps?? number 5 looks different to the rest but in a fun flirty way like the younger sister of the group.

    Love your ideas cant wait to see more....well done.

  4. I love the first 5, so leave out #6 :)

    #2 is my fave, then #4, #3, #1 , #5 (maybe with out the bow I would like this one better?, not a bow kinda girly)

    love black and jade together too *^_^*

  5. hmm very yummy designs ;) I guess my order of preference would be 3, 1, 4, 2, 5, 6. The odd one out for me would depend on what ou are trying to say your theme for the range is. fun and flirty would eliminate 6 I think. Encompassing all styles I would take out 3 or 4 as they are similar enough to give the same look. Spring/autumn range I would take out 5!

    Well there's my essay!! lol They look fantastic!! :D

  6. 3 designs have tied as my "favourite." I just couldn't decide which one I liked better out of #2, #3 and #4. They were all equally as gorgeous :)
    Then #1 followed by #5. I have to say my least favourite was design #6. Whilst it still is a lovely design, the neckline and bow on the shoulder is not appealing to me.
    Good luck with your new range:) Can't wait to see them made up !


  7. oh my - i am going to be completely unoriginal and suggest that number 6 is the odd one out. i'm not sure why - they all look great - but number six just doesn't look as sexy as the other five.



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