Tuesday, 10 March 2009

A miracle happened: crafting enabled!

SOoooo King decided that he's a big boy now and is ok to sleep by himself during the day.

oh. my. god. i have my hands free again! woooooooooooooooo.

i know, it's a bit over the top, but i don't care, i can make things again! yay! so i ransacked a couple of opshops on wednesday (my car day-i get to leave the house), and found a couple of bits and pieces, including this quilt cover, which is going to be turned into a dress by the end of the day if it kills me:

I'm thinking something retro and house-dressy (i'm living in jeans and tanks and the jeans don't quite fit any more which is a good thing as they're a size bigger than i pre-preggers wear) so i want some dresses to wear around the house that are comfy, and cute and i can breastfeed in. the last one's the killer! so i've come up with the below idea, and hopefully i can get it done for the weekend. (i want something nice for the stitches and craft show) so wish me luck, and speedy fingers!

Oh, and there's a cute meme via Meet Me at Mike's - have a go! You just google "Unfortunately Cherry" - or whatever YOUR name is and then cut and paste your favorite quotes! Here are the more ridiculous of my unfortunates -


Cherry's problems are many, so many.

unfortunately Cherry seems to be too cement headed to see that.

Cherry 2000 is an old model, and replacement parts can only be found in the anarchic, post-apocalyptic "Zone 7."

Unfortunately, Cherry’s punishment doesn’t stop there. ...

Cherry did not report the actual numbers of insects (s)he obtained, (s0)

Unfortunately, Cherry’s book is a bit of a “doorstop”.

Unfortunately, Cherry gets her leg amputated by the mad Dr. William Block...

Unfortunately, Cherry doesn√Ęt have a rich uncle or wealthy parents that help pay for her musical endeavors

Unfortunately, Cherry becomes all the more emotionally dependent while Fish is never going learn to control himself

ha aha ha, what's your favorite 'unfortunate' for your name?


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