Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Odd One Out -winner!

It seems almost unanimous; #6 bites the dust. Also, I think I will rework #5 a little, since everyone is right, it doesn't quite fit in with the other designs. I do love a good strapless 'prom' dress though, so it might just need a play before it fits well... i'll be back with options, don't you worry!

Thanks so much to everyone who made comments (even if they were left in the wrong place, lulupants!), I really appreciate it!
The humble prize goes to Levine as per this random hat pick,
pls let me know what address you would like the goodies sent to, so I can post asap.

And because I hate to leave a post without a picture, the little man having fun in the park:



  1. oh my Kingston is growing into such a cutie.... they sure dont stay babies fro very long huh. Hope all is well in the cherry family. thanx for your kind words on my blog. Look forward to seeing the updated range!! Very exciting.

  2. seeing photos like this almost makes me want to have more babies (almost!!!). He's such a cutie :)
    I'm very excited about winning. I once went to a clairvoyant who told me I'd be lucky to win a chook in a raffle, but I've just proved her wrong.....lol!



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