Monday, 16 March 2009

did it!

Dress achieved!
The stitches and craft show was great, too; As well the ubiquitous old lady floral quilting and scrapbooking extravaganza, there were some fantastic modern craftsters with some amazing talent. If we weren't completely broke, I would have bought too many things from some great local artisans. I wanted to take lots of photos too, but I didn't want anyone to think I was planning on stealing their ideas!
There's too many to mention everyone, but my favorites included:
Ink & Spindle
Fantastic quality fabrics with really original and beautiful prints.

Audrey & Maude
I fell in love with their robot softies.
I am sooo making one of her ear flap hats for king
(sorry, i'd buy one if i could!)

Well, right now I am drained and knackered from a looong night with the wee little man, so I might go curl up with a good book for an hour (and maybe snooze if I'm lucky)
Who was your favorite at the fair?


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  1. oh! i would have liked to have met ya!
    oh well, maybe next time



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