Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Post market crash

Gleugh! Full of the snots and head snakes now that my body finally gets a break after all the market preparation and 2am bedtimes (iPhone wants to change that to 'beatings' ha ha ha), and long long 14hr days for the last two weeks.
Was it worth it? Yes yes yes and yes. We got to meet sooo many lovely people who all had delicious things to say about our stuff (yay!) and we met some even more wonderful peeps who ran other stalls, got some goodies for our Xmas list ticked off, and even made a couple of sales to boot (though no where near the silver shop behind us, wow they did not stop for a breath all day).
Um, where was I? Oh yes, being sick and knackered. Hence no shop updates until now. Sorry! Will take new pics tomorrow and upload wed and thurs nights. Will be less snotty then!
I hope everyone enjoyed themselves on Sunday?
Stoopid me forgot to take pics of our stall again. Dang. Slap on the wrist for me. Will try to remember for the next market in the new year.
Night night all!

Oh, and I did my hair pink again , woo!



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