Saturday, 27 November 2010

Inspiration pictures: what's fueling the fire right now

My pin board above is slowly being taken over by 70's funk. Yeah. Some more finds in random places that are slowly building up a picture or where we're heading next season. Gotta get the vibe going before I can really know what I'm designing.

Typography seems to be coming to the fore too, a lot of hand drawn letters around and bold use of classic fonts with an update rather than wacky fonts.

Old worn leather, with colour like waxed, weathered wood. Burnt orange and umber, sienna and bold yellow. While slick slate gray, black and powder soft blue temper the wild bursts of citrus.

Homely stitching and macrame monogrammed matching chenille.

Cute hep cats in stripey skivvies.

What's inspiring you lately?


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