Sunday, 14 November 2010

Aren't these the best undies?

I wonder if we can do undies next season? Just something cool and funky, but not covered in licensed corporate cartoons. I prefer the look of the tighty boxer briefs over jockeys though. I only have a nearly 2yo, what does the four to six set prefer? And do they need that hole in the front at such a young age? I don't really know much about owning a willy, clearly.



  1. love these!! My boys arent real fussy wit cut as long as they have their fave character of the moment on them!!

  2. I have a 5y.o son and he doesnt like jocks, too restrictive, so I am trying to find him some boxers, in between the loose baggy variety and the tight fitted ones, not much luck so far :/
    oh and the hole in the front is a waste of fabric and effort in my opinion (and from what I have heard from guys)

  3. Ooh boxers are a great idea Sue! And good to know not to bother with the hole, too.

    Ps: my mum in law is a Sue- excellent name!



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