Monday, 1 November 2010

New webshop up and running

Whew! After a lot of work from mr. Furious yesterday and today, our web shop is finally open!
The 'shop' button now links straight there. ----------------------->
All the new summer stock is there, and I'll add all the new goodies over the next couple of weeks that will restock what sold at Mathilda's in Adelaide, and get us ready for Mathilda's in Melbourne. So if you wanted a size we didn't have, don't worry, it will soon be available again. Please keep checking in here at the blog for updates.
Our etsy shop will remain open and stock the off season items for our northern hemisphere customers. So if you need winter goodies, hit us up on etsy. I've added a separate button to link straight there. ------------------------------>
We've also had quite a few requests for larger sizes (and one for a size 0), so I'll definitely be adding a size 4 asap, with 5, 6 & 7 coming next year. I won't be adding a size 0 at this stage, but I'm more than happy to do a custom order if anyone needs it.
We'd also love to hear some feedback and and see pics of your gorgeous little boys wearing our gear, so please keep in touch! If you have any ideas for items you wish we had, let us know, we may just be working on them already!
Ok, I'm off for some well deserved procrastinating and perusing of other blog ladies pages and mr furious is head down bum up playing fallout 3.
Ta ta for now!

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