Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Grading patterns is duuuuuulllll

Been grading my patterns into size 1,2,3. Which is soooooo dull and time consuming but costs upwards of $40 per style per size to outsource so nowhere near an option yet.
And then begins the cutting marathon. Figure I'll make 1pc size 1, 2x2's, 2x3's of everything. Hope that's enough. I know I shot myself in the foot a bit by planning too many styles, but hey, it's what I do! Hmmm lemme think, I have 3 pants, 3 shorts, 6 short sleeve tees and prints, 2 long sleeve tees and prints, 4 shirts, a fleece hoody, a knit hoody, a vest, a waist coat, ties and bow ties, grandpa caps and pork pies and peaked caps, treasure bags and wooly dress up moustaches. Whew! Thank jeebers I canned the jacket, cardigan, school bag, stripe pants and 2 more tees!!!
Oh and I've done the maths (very badly, it's been a looong time since I did maths1 in yr 12) and it seems I need to do at least 2hrs a night in addition to my 2 full days a week in order to get all the sewing done. And yeah, that includes the weekends.
So here's hoping nothing drastic goes wrong and I come up with some spiffy short cuts to help get me through.
Know what's nice though? Jim (mr Furious) said he's going to make me lots of dinners and cakes and yummy goodies to get me through. Yay!


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