Sunday, 19 September 2010

Piping- do it yourself the easy way

If you want to make your own piping, the easiest way is to get some existing piping and cover it. Maybe a huge roll on sale(I love Jack Stock), or some funk-eugh colour from the op shop or ripped out of an old garment. Just make sure it's colourfast, though. You don't want to cover red piping with a lovely cream satin and then have it run in the wash!

Then cut your bias strips of your new fabric, fold over the piping, keeping the fabric nice and firm around the cord, and stitch down. If you use a great big stitch, it will take no time at all, and try to sew closer to the edge rather than the cord (like the gray on the far right). That way when you insert it into your garment the basting stitches will be hidden in the seam. When you do insert it, use an invisible zipper foot to get nice and close to the cord for a neat finish.
And voilĂ ! Custom piping that is easy and quick to make.


  1. excellent tip, thanks. Have been digging yr blog. Totally agree with you on etsy re bigcartel. Not really intending to promote the etsy shop too much. hoping will find people to pop over to the blog. Aussie dollar is quite high at the mo which doesnt help.
    This relisting business is a bit of a crock
    xx cinti



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