Thursday, 25 January 2007

i forsee a long weekend of sewing & doing

we've had a friend staying with us the last 2 weeks in our 'spare' room (my sewing room, thank you very much) and i had to put all my things away for the duration. ie: no crafting for 2 whole weeks!!!!!
i can't believe how much i missed just having everyhting right there and ready to go and be used.
i've been gagging to make things, and now it's the long weekend and i can get everything out again and make stuff!!!
although i admit i have actually been quite productive in the time;
*business plan is now about 30% done. the overall outline is finished, i just need to flesh out a few parts and then look at the finiancial plan part-the scary bit. i'm looking at that new microsoft visio thingo as a financial management toolio. anyone have any experience with it?
*summer 07 range development is finished, with the line-by style all planned out. just need to refine the ideas and draw everything up in illustrator properly. oh, and reduce the qty of dresses from 7 to 4. except i can't choose. so it'll probably end up being 5. or 6. or 8.
*blocks are all cut out in card. now i just need to adjust them to my block measurements that i want (i did all the hard work developing them in my last job). they're currently for a size 10 fairly athletic 172cm tall woman(the bust to waist was 18cm...18!!!!)-crazy, crazy, crazy. so now i have to alter them all to be for 160cm tall, and curvier, with small waists and more arse meats.
*i've designed the tote bag i 'm going to make this weekend and send to liz for the bag swappage. i hope she likes picnics.
*i've designed the dress i'm going to make for my first refashion project. (that's it at the top) i will only be using what fabrics i have lying around, until i get my 1st pay from la new job-this might be hard, especially since i want to make it in cheetah cheater print fabric and i dont have any, but maybe dotty spots will do. depending on how it turns out, it may make it into my final 8 for s07. or 9 or 10.

speaking of which, how many people buy a jacket for summer? a light weight one, obviously. and if you buy it, do you wear it often, or do you prefer the good ol' fashion cardi? (a nice cardi, not the nanna kind). i'm not sure whether to include jackets in my range, but i'm completely in love with 3 designs, so i want to include them, but silly to go and spend a lot of effort making the pattens etc... if no-one buys them. hmmm.


  1. Oooh I can't wait :) and I do love picnics... BTW good luck on your business plan, that's one thing I've made a resolution to do this year for (my kids clothing store)

  2. Until recently I had that same issue of guests in the sewing room (and it was ALWAYS when I was totally inspired and had truckloads of ideas!). I hope you had a productive weekend at the sewing table Missy! Look forward to seein' the goods :)
    P.S: Definitely a cardi for summer... or the trusty ole Levis denim trucker jacket. And ALWAYS new (second hand) jackets for spring, autumn and winter.

  3. That's a fabo-looking dress! I definitely wear jackets in summer, caused by a combo of over air-conditioned work and very sun-burnable skin. So yes please jackets!

  4. I'm going to have the same problem with my spareroom this week! That dress is fabulous!!



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