Monday, 12 February 2007

oooh, a two-fer weekend

I went a little silly on the weekend and refashioned like crazeh.
These red pants were in that kinda ribbed fabric in polyester double knit that was uber popular in 1982 for grannies. (reminds me of my nanny) I was changing them to a wide leg, so I had to put an insert at each sideseam, but i lined up the ribs so it's not toooo obvious. end result: sexeh 40's waders.

I really need shoes at the moment too, but don't really have the casholas to but them full price. But i haven't been wearing these old pink wedges for aages, so i made them into a new pair! (my Dad showed me how to make shoes when i was younger) i completely ripped them apart and recovered the insoles with black leather, then took off some of the hessian weaving on the sole and replaced it with leather as well. i stitched the straps and nailed them onto the base, along with the ribbon straps, and then glueded the insole on top to pull it all together. ta shoes for $12!

tomorrow i tackle more...

1 comment:

  1. Oooo, wow, I've never seen someone refashion shoes before ... amazing, I wish I had those skills! The redone pants are also very good looking ;)



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