Monday, 19 February 2007

aargh! no making at ALL on the weekend?

yep. that's right.

i really wanted to make so many things, a skirt i'm refashioning into a dress, take in some skirts and pants, and do the shoe refashion tutorial, but i was made, MADE to do other things.

my sister's birthday present: pistol shooting.
so much fun. i got to fire a magnum (dirty harry's gun). definately want to go back.

we went cheesing to red hill and got yummy fetta and some other runny thing i forget the name. and beers.

so no crafty type things, alas.

but i did rework my blog page-i think it's easier to read now.
and i put my logo as the header picture.
i'm completely useless at html/css/web writey type stuff so i hope it worked out ok.
next i have to rework the background.
i've designed my main label and sideseam pips (as shown below). i'm thinking i'll have to keep to black/white to keep the price down.
now to find somewhere to make the bloody things!

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