Tuesday, 20 February 2007

bag swappage received---me likey!

after eagerly doing this swap i sent away my little present (above) to the very lovely liz in NY, and just today got my own wonderful little hand bag in the mail!! (below)
the red bandana is soooo me, how did you know i wear a bandana exactly the same as that every day!!! (well 9 out 10 days anyways) i love it so much, the twee retro print is too cute. AND it's just the right dimensions to fit wine in. voila! boozebag! woohoo.
sorry, it's my 1st swappage and i'm very excited.
any other swaps out there/ i'm keen to do another...


  1. i'll do a swap with you if ya want.
    email me if you do ;)

  2. Lurrv that bag you made - ingenious! ;)

  3. I'm glad you like it :) I'm not the BEST, (yet) ... I hope you enjoy it.




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