Saturday, 6 January 2007

a new year beckons...

Well xmas is over, and a new year has well and truly begun.
I'm not the kind to make an actual new year's resolution as such, but I do love planning things, and so I guess the planning of what is yet to come could be considered somewhat resolution-y.
So this year my plans are:
*new job (I start 12th Jan and I'm quite excited about the possibilities that may arise)
*new laptop perputer with wacom pen mousyness with which to draw up all my faaabulous ideas. -thank you Jim.
(I just need to get our home internets all wifi-ed so I can blog away on my own little black box instead of this big one) hold on, that's not a plan, that's a thing. I mean I plan to use the laptop to do lots of designing of things. Mainly clothing, since that's what I seeem to keep coming back to, but I really want to develop my skills in graphic design (being totally self taught makes it hard, but ultimately more rewarding in the end). I especially want to focus on developing trims for the line; all the assorted labelling and packaging that will be required one I actually get my arse into gear and make something to sell. After that, I am trying to teach myself how to make repeat patterns that don't suck. I understand the basic concepts involved, but I really just need to practice, practice, practice. And to get somewhere to print them on fabric for me, or to make some screens and do it myself.
*make patterns.
I really quite enjoy pattern making, the way you have to craft a flat surface to conform and mould to fit a lumpy, bumpy, (in the good way) curved body. I just wish it didn't take so long to do. But I've very keen to get cracking on this (after the dogged heat lets up-no fun crafting with sweat running everywhere) so I can make myself some new clothes for my new job. Plus, I really want to join that 'no new clothes' pact for the whole year, just to really push myself and offer not only an incentive to get this business off the ground, but as a reward for my hard work along the way.
*hire an accountant / get quickbooks running.
I hate money.
Ok, well that's a lie. I just don't like having to budget and deal with money. As long as I have enough to buy a few things, I'm happy. Clearly I'm going to have to learn to just deal with it this year, or my business aint going anywhere. suck it up, girl.
*make stuff and sell it.
this is the hardest part I think. I love the pre-planning, and then the actual planning. And the designing and finding the fabrics and trims, and trawling through op-shops and the pattern making and even the sewing. But when I look at how much I have to do all added up, it can be a little daunting and overwhelming. Ok, just chunk it down. one little step at a time. I'll get there, but damn it can be scary sometimes.
It's going to be hard, what with a new job and trying to exercise and still have time to relax and spend time with my husband and friends, but it's not going to happen unless I do it. so that's what I have to do. do it.

I'm still in the process of setting this whole blog thing up, and I've never been very good at keeping a diary, so hopefully having a community online here will help keep me motivated and posting. I really hope that people give me feedback on what I make, even if you just don't like it. it's good to have critical, useful criticism as well as people appreciating my work, so i can improve and grow as a designer.

I think one the first steps though is to set up this page a little bit prettier, and get some pictures on here, and maybe even my own site in the future.
For now, I'm off to read a few fave blogs...

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  1. hi ya cherry
    nice to meet you! and welcome to blog land. I've added you to my bloglines so keep in touch :)
    62cherry (aka justine)



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