Monday, 15 January 2007

oooh, my first comment!!!

ok, ok it's only a hello from a fellow blogger, but isn't that the best kind of comment anyway?
thank you 62cherry for stopping by and saying hello...and making me get all excited about this swap !
now, what to make, what to make...too many possibilities...
i'm also signing up for 6 months of re-fashioning, and i'm eagerly planning what my first outfit is going to be. i'm pretty sure it's going to be a dress, since i really don't wear enough of them. and they look so charmingly dressed up and just neat with rolls and curls.
i'm thinking of something similar to these pictures below, so i have some designing and
patternmaking to do until i can actually get to the making part, but isn't that half the fun?
and i must adjust my blocks to be according to my measurements again. my last job had a very tall block (172cm, yiiikes!) so the bust to waist mmt was 18cm!! i know i'm not tall (5'2"), but my bust to waist is 15cm, and Target's standard is 16cm, so i really need to fix that up before i even attempt the pattern. oh well, it's an incentive to actually getting my blocks established and ready so i can make things to sell-a-do.

and in other news...
i started my new job more snarky weasel head from having to deal with a couple of people. the best thing about my new job is that it's more pay for less to actually do and be responsible for, so i can finally, finally, get cracking on making and sewing and crafting this year. (i have been procrastinating just too, too long now). And i really have to say that all you lovely aussie bloggy ladies are very inspiring. not just keeping me motivated to blog on a regular basis ('cause i don't want to be left out of all the fun), but because you are all so damn talented!!! every day i find someone new through link clicking on everyone's faves. my poor, poor overloaded bookmarks tab. oh well, once my laptop is all interneted up later this week, i can have my own bookmarks, all MINE!!!! mwah ha ha ahaaa.


  1. hey hey! thanx for stopping by and visiting my blog, glad you got some use out of my links - likewise, your hair links are fab!

    The flaming heart is definitely avail thru my shop... check it out at

    PS: if that is your photo... love your hair colour!!!!!!!

  2. You've been tagged! Check out my recent post in my blog to know what, where & why!

  3. Ooh another lovely blog discovery!

    If that is you on the pic on the right, I love your hair, the colour and the do!

  4. Hey cool ! - thanks for stopping by - I love the Melbourne community - makes things more fun.

    So i'm dying to know what the job is... your patterns are fab. Looking forward to seeing your work.

    Welcome !

  5. well welcome to blog land. i hope you enjoy your stay. Caution: it is very addictive and can possibly take time away from your craft.

    Another Melbourne blogger...I'm ex Vic but now in Bris...don't hold this against me.

    good luck with your new job.



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