Wednesday, 17 January 2007

argh! you got me...

I've been shot with a tagging gun!!!
(thankfully just a flesh wound, no need to panic Helen )

ok, the rules are probably all known by now, but just in case, here's the fine print:

1. someone tags you,
2. you post five things about yourself that you haven’t already mentioned on your blog,
3. you tag people you’d like to know more about

hmmm, since i've only been blogging a short time, anything i write is new really! ok, that's a cop out. i'll try to write something vaguely interesting and less known about me.

1. I prefer small, crispy foods. the smaller and crispier the better. it actually makes the food taste better if it's small. trust me. soft cheese is the only exception to the rule.

2. i only really wear 2 colours:red and pink and all shades in between. (black and white and denim don't count) i keep trying to wear green and purple and sometimes blue, but i just find it too hard. i look in the mirror and i'm all 'sneh. needs red'. and dont get me started on yellow...gag. i dont actually dislike those co
lours, i just dont feel right wearing them, or having them around me.

3. i'm completely useless at remembering names of bands and songs. i can remember the sounds and the way it goes and i say 'you know, the one with the doo dah deh nah nah moop' but it takes me ages to try to think of the title, and i never can until i deliberately stop trying, and then about an hour later(if i'm really lucky) i remember it. if i'm unlucky, my husband just says 'it was blah-de-blah' and then he wins, and that sucks.

4. i love fashion and clothing, but i really dont like the fashion scene. hence the vintage/retro obsession. i loathe those wanky 'fashiony' people
who think that they're better than everyone else because they're 'a designer' . sneh. i'm much more interested in how clothing is put together and constructed, and fabrics and patterns and...oooh soo many things.

5. when we have a kid, if it's a boy, his middle name is going to be godzilla. no really. i can imagine calling out '____ godzilla nelson, you come here right now young man' his 15th birthday party and embarrassing him...bwah ha ha.
considering how well he'll be dressed, coz i'll make him all cool rockabilly baby and toddler clothes i dont think he'll care.

you're all tagg-i-fied nikkishell!

well 3rd day of new job is ok. it's a bit sneh filled, but considering i spent a lot of the day musing over what kind of tote bag to make for the swap, it is at least fulfilling the role of 'income while i get my shit started' nicely. i hope my swap person likes red. oooh maybe some faux fur? or leopard and gingham and cherries. hmmm, so many options.

i was looking for a picture of the bag shape i wanted to make, but i couldn't find it, but i found this very cute picture instead:
awwww, kitties all snorgling!!


  1. You crack me up! Oh and, don't get me started on leopard and gingham and cherries... they're my favourites and can't get enough of them!!!!

    And about you dressing up your boy in cool clothes, check out our little boy (he's 3 mths old now, still fresh) wearing a tiki shirt and flame denim jeans that I made for him (he has a normal middle name though!)

  2. Hey
    I love your blog. I'm in a similar situation to you - just started up! My name's Jodie, I'm 23 and I live in England with my husband Greg. I love vintage clothes, old movies, photography, great bands (but like you, I'm rubbish at remembering names!) and visiting cities.
    Would love you to check out my blog.

  3. Godzilla is a very good name for a middle name, but why only for boys, girls could have it too. Now I'm thinking of all sorts of strange names you could use to humiliate your children.

  4. yellow is a gag colour for me too! it is a spew colour...don't you love that great aussie word? SPEW!

    I wish I had given my children middle names. It would have been the same..."Don't touch that" I seem to be saying it quite a lot these days.

  5. Ha! I can't believe they're actually hugging! I think godzilla's a great name, and agree it would be very effective for a girl too!



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