Friday, 10 December 2010

More random 70's inspiration- kids & home

Last 70's post I promise!

Isn't this metal cot gorgeous? I love how see through it is, rather than most of the big heavy wooden ones around now. And red! Probably not super safe for a newborn, but great for a toddler. 

These are out of a fairytale almost. They remind me of the 'Tilly and friends' book 'Goodnight Tiptoe'. 

I think I had one of these satchels when I was a kid. Or not. But I love the colour blocking and simplicity- no trademark characters.

And how cute is this little man? You may just see something similar for AW11, methinks. Watch this space.

I don't normally advise denim on denim, but I'm kinda giddy about this romper. Although I'd worry about a toilet training toddler in it. And red boots!

Sweet apple clogs.
Enough said.

Toaster and thingo covers. I don't know exactly what's under there, we can play appliance lotto maybe.

Please someone adapt this idea for their girlswear, these heart trees are too sweet to be left behind.

Don't worry king, I won't make you wear this!

But it's likely I'll make a poncho, because they are awesome, and it's impossible to be unhappy in a poncho.

And I promise not to decorate the house like this, even though it's kinda awesome.

Although this door free bathroom next to the loungeroom should probably stay in the 70's. 


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