Monday, 22 February 2010

crazy preggo style book from the 80's

just had to share the insanity of this book i found at the op shop, it had me cacking myself for ages.

rubberized overalls? in bright yellow? aka a fisherman? um, no. not even when you're a 12 foot tall model.

not only would i not dare wear this when pregnant, i don't think i would leave the house if i wasn't preggo.

for those of us too fat for normal clothes, hey, 'sew up a sheet'!
actually i think i have the perfect apricot floral set for that...

again, even if you're 12foot tall, this is NOT a good look. ever.

oh, that's what i'm missing! shoulder pads! in everything! that'll immediately make people look away from my huge bump and keep everything in proportion.or not.

now i admit that the right hand look seems to be back in fashion, garish as it is, but that's no excuse to wear the left hand look AT ALL. did this lady even look in the mirror?

yeaaah, workers overalls on Kylie in the 80's are one thing, but when you're pregnant?
oh, i see, just turn them into cut offs, and that makes it ok? 'cause i'm more inclined to show my dimply thighs if i'm wearing a boiler suit. and what about trying to pee in one of those things? when you need to go 27 times an hour, a onesie that you have to completely remove whilst in a small stall that you barely fit in when pregnant? ooh, it's MY outfit of choice!

yes, i have a dry, snarky sense of humour.


1 comment:

  1. i'm sure the author made a squillion dollars from that book.
    it doesn't bare thinking about really.
    i think i can hold my head up high and say that i wouldn't have been caught dead in those outfits either (had i been pregnant in the 80's)
    i do remember my sister wearing a pair of candy pink and white striped overalls with lots of lace.......hahaha



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