Wednesday, 30 July 2008

making... making....

My first refashion for the spawn is a portable change mat.
In delicious leopard print!

I made it from an old shower curtain I received from my mother in law's house. She moved in and it wasn't her style, so I snapped it up! Add in some fluffy polyester polar fleece for the inside so it's nice and soft on baby's butt.
The inside view, when all unfolded:

It was quite an easy make, although i deleted the ugly webbing strap handle (I'm going to make a nappy bag to put this in, so I don't think it really needs a handle), and I also deleted the ugly plastic buckle, and used a vintage black shank button instead, with a loop of elastic to secure it closed.
Next up, the matching nappy bag, and then a black skull bag+mat for the hubby.

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