Saturday, 8 January 2011

we have joined the darkside

or the light side, or whatever side is which now, i really have no idea.
ahem, to the point: i am now a mac girl.
a small, white macbook with a snow leopard on it. i'm sure that means something to mac peeps out there. all i know is i'm completely converted!
except i now have to relearn how to do stuff all over again. like all the keyboard shortcuts. where are the 'end' and 'home' keys? and why doesn't the delete button actually delete stuff? sometime it does, but sometimes it doesn't and now i'm confused.
but i love being able to sync everything together the same now (along with the shiny new ipad for xmas, woooo!).

any good tips out there for us newbies?

oh, and happy new year everyone!
my resolutions this year are: get fat then thin again(sooner rather than later i hope). get fitter and less slug shaped and jiggley custardo filled. going to try tap dancing coming in feb, so we'll see how badly i mangle it! organise my bookwork better (must buy quickboks.  oops, make that quickbOOks, not rapid chickens, ha ha ha!) what else? um, ooh, to grow the business more and to be able to outsource some of the production such as the tee shirt printing and hopefully some of the sewing too. (locally of course, i want to keep it as close to hand made as possible).
i think that's it. what about you?



  1. WOW!! what a xmas haul!! I will send you all my mama wishes that you become one busy mama by the end of 2011 :)

  2. Happy New Year! I'll be seeing you around the market circut this year!



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