Monday, 12 April 2010

Two hours later...

Two hours later..., originally uploaded by cherry_rockette.

And a post lost to the ether. Grrr. Oh well.
I do love howthis dress has evolved. Sometimes a design has its' own
ideas and you're just along for the ride, and sometimes you spend
forever trying to wrestle fabric into more than a two dimensional
nudity shield.
And then occasionally a design evolves simultaneously on paper,
dressform and in my hands. And it is gooood.
Chevron stripes in patent black appliqued onto a thick wool blend
ponti knit(only a small stretch to suck everything in and be
comfortable), and the collar in same. The radiating stripes from the
waist shaping and highlighting bust and hips, whilst the shine adds
roundness and a sense of the illicit to what would otherwise be a
basic black dress.
Mmmmmm can't wait to make this one!
Hopefully in time for Saturday's derby bout.

Xxx Cherry


  1. i'm going to my first derby on sunday! i can't wait to see my friend in action.
    i love the look of this dress. it reminds me of something joan would where in mad men. loved the clothes in that show....

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