Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Is that the time?

Is that the time?, originally uploaded by cherry_rockette.

Aargh! Too long between posts, but life does get in the way round
here. Better to live in the real world anyway. Well this is the year I
pull my finger out and stop procrastinating. I know I Said it before,
but I really mean it this time. I have an accountant now and
everything! Still trying to do too much in the rare hour I get to
myself during the day, but not so knackered now so I can start doing
more in the evenings too. And the new iPhone makes it far easier to
blog about, since getting in front of the computer is just an exercise
in futility when you have a curious little 13mo old monkey who climbs
onto the desk and throws everything off before running away. Or
decides he is in fact a member of the species whingyitis limpetis and
refuses to let go of my leg. *Insert wry face here* wouldn't change
him for the world though, he's a delight.
Ok back to real life.
Xxx Cherry

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  1. boy do i remember those days - my kids used to be really good at entertaining themselves until you sat down to do something and then they would launch themselves at you and make whatever task you were doing impossible.....
    goodluck ;-)



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