Thursday, 19 June 2008

Spoonflower decisions...

So I've joined up to Spoonflower beta. woo! Now I just have to decide what I want to print up. A then what to make out of it!
I thought, since the only fabric available for printing is a non-stretch mercerised cotton (i assume twill? or poplin? not sure what 'kona cotton' is), that it would best off for making a nice 50's style full skirt. something like this:
So I was thinking a nice duck eggish 50's blue would be cute, or of course white with red spots is a classic. But with a modern print that looks retro at first glance, but is actually a little less 'nice girl' on closer inspection. So i had a play with the ol illustrator today and came up with some ideas. These are the best that I'm trying to decide between. Or i may just order both!

^ 'Knives and diamonds' in a tealish 50's blue with white and black.

^ 'Skulls and Diamonds' in charcoal, red and cream on white.

I'm not really a textile / print designer, I've trained in clothing and fashion design, but I figure if I'm going to start my own range, that the best way to have a point of difference is to have exlusive fabrics that are quite different to what other labels are providing. Hence my foray into spoonflower. I'd always appreciate any feedback, love them? hate them?
Next on the list is swingtags i think...


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