Monday, 7 May 2007 soon again?

apparently I've gotta disclose 7 things about me.
le sigh.
like i'm really that engrossing.
i really ought to blog more, i just realised i hadn't posted since feb 28!!! it's been all this rollerskating i tells ya. takes up so much time. but damn it's gooood.
i've never been a diary keeper, nor do i update the people who actually live in my life unless they prod really hard, so clearly me and blogs don't mix, but i'm trying and i guess that's what counts, right?

I was tagged by hmc, and the rules are:

• Start with 7 random facts/habits about yourself

• People who are tagged have to write their 7 things on their blog

  • then pass it on...

1. i'm useless at washing clothes. i work in fashion production, so i really DO know what i'm supposed to do to take care of clothes but i can never be bothered. hence i just finished a load of reds/colours/whatthefuckwhitestoo and ended up with 2 more light pink singlets and 2pr light pink socks that were once white. hmph. lucky they were old and needed replacing anyway. which i cant buy cos i'm on refashion 12months contract. damn. i'll have to MAKE singlets. poo.

2. my nails are always painted black, my toenails red.

3. i cant stand having 'normal' hair or clothes. i feel wrong. needs to be dressy-uppy and playful retro-ey or i just feel wierd. as in 'can't leave the house till i change' wierd.

4. i grew up vegetarian (still am) and have only ever eaten chikin, fish and some bbq sausages as a kid. and 1 incident of steak+kidney pie. (been completely vegi since i was 11-no fishies or anything anymores) i dont know what meat tastes like, it's been too long since i ate it. dont miss it, never have.
(chikin is a funnier spelling. chicken just doesn't look right anymores)

5. funniest words ever: chikin, beeez

6. my favorite music is anything with clapping in it.

7. i still have my first birthday card from the day i was born.

hmmm, who to tag now?
violet&rose, H&B,

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