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(the hardest effing part of roller derby)

For some girls it’s easy to come up with their derby name, for others it may takes weeks or even months to find a name that feels ‘ just right’. Your name represents who you are, and that’s damn hard to do in only a few words. It should convey your personality, and also have an essence of ‘derby-ness’ to it; a certain toughness, wittiness and intelligence, often with a retro spark. Many take inspiration from a famous figure in history or pop culture, with the best names being plays on words, puns and double entendres.

To complicate it even further, you can't have the same name as any other rollergirl, (yes, in the world) just in case you compete against her team at some point. Don’t be discouraged if your first, second or even third choice are already taken. Either alter it slightly, or come up with something even more original. We are all individuals, there has to be some part of who you are that can be exploited for its uniqueness!

Start with a short list of names you like and traits you possess (or wish you did), and ask everyone you know for ideas. Remember, this name becomes your alias; your game persona. You’ll have it for as long as you skate. Keep that in mind when coming up with ideas. Your friends and family know you better than anyone, and can be a great source of help and inspiration.

Also remember your name should resemble an actual name if possible. Some names just don’t roll off the tongue easily, and so don’t get used outside of bouts. Also, your name/number must be on your uniform in 10cm high letters, and easily legible. A long name (or number) is going to be hard to fit!

Try using these as inspiration if you get stuck:

  • · school nicknames
  • · silly things you’ve done / still do
  • · favorite actors / movie characters / books / song lyrics, etc…
  • · hobbies / interests / obsessions
  • · check the master roster-but do not copy!
  • · Ask other girls how they came up with theirs

The master roster is a record of skater names, numbers, league names, team names, and team themes for all skaters around the world. The roster can be found at
Remember to check your ideas for names against the master roster before submitting to VRDL.

Master roster rules:

· Similar names are strongly discouraged, and not allowed without permission from the original skater(s).
- WRITTEN permission is required, as it is common for skaters to claim they have permission when they do not.

· The following will require permission from skaters with similar names:
- Names that are pronounced similarly (ie, "Paige Burner" and "Paige Burna")
- Names that are spelled similarly (ie, "Paige Burner", and "Page Burner")

· The following will be rejected:
- Names that are too generic (ie, "Rollergirl", "Skater", etc.)
- Names that begin with possessives (ie, "Your Worst Nightmare", "Her Bad Day", etc.)
- Names that end in verbs (ie, "Speed Skater" is okay, but not "Speed Skating")
- "First" names where First Name / Last Name combos already exist. (ie, no plain "Anne", "Betty", "Cherry", etc.)

· Even if you meet all name requirements, rejection is still at the discretion of the roster maintainers. Following the rules will provide you with the greatest chance of getting on the roster.

· It is strongly discouraged for skaters to select names that duplicate existing team or league names, team names to duplicate existing skater names, and all variations of these situations.

How did you pick your name?

· “I liked the idea of having a feminine name and something kind of brutal on the end." Stella-Scarr

· "I have three bunnies, and they're a lot of trouble, when I went to a game, I thought, 'If I ever do this, I'm going to be called Bunny Trouble.'" Bunny Trouble

· “I own way too much denim, including bathers, and when we started skating I split a pair of jeans from trying to get down low.” Denim Destructor (aka DD)

· “My favorite colour is cherry red, I’m a sucker for classic 50’s names, and my nickname used to be ‘pocket rocket’” Cherry Rockette


So you’ve finally come up with a name you love? Ok, now you need to pick your number. What? Another thing? Are you kidding, it took ages to pick a name! Yes, you need a number for when you’re playing a bout.

For some, you have a definite idea of what you’re after in a number, others couldn’t care less and are happy to be given one. At least you don’t need a number that’s unique in the entire world this time.

For those trying to think of something left of centre, here are some examples of other players numbers to inspire:

· 36-24-36 (Cherry Rockette)

· Back in 5 mins (Toxic Mama)

· 15 ½ (A. Pocalypse)

· $0.99/min (Wanda Whoop Ass)

· .22 Calibre (Mia Culprit)

· 00110001 (Terror Byte)

· ½ pint (Peaches Rodriguez)

· 100% (Sassy B. Yatch)

· 103 degrees (Dr. Jenny Fever)

· 1200cc (Iona Harley)

· 123floor (Rum N. Choke)

· 12:00 (Cinderswella)

· 1952 (Killa Fitzgerald)

· 36DD (Demolition Dolly)

· 6’2” (Dizzy Heights)

· 65milB.C. (T.Rex Ya Face)

· 8675309 (Slaughterama Mama)

· 90210 (Beverly Kills)

· 9mm (Patti Smith&Wesson)

· AK-47 (Resident DeVil)

· E=MC2 (Lucky StaRr)

· Ezekiel 25:17 (Pulp Friction)

· IV (Nurse Naughty)

· T-1000 (Terminate Her)


  1. sigh... ive been trying for months, and still cant decide on a name

  2. i am having such a hard time with a name!! i have ideas but nothing is standing out for me...

  3. I have ideas but they are all taken!

  4. hi..... well any way i need help im going to learn how to roller derby and i dont have a name please help thanks a lot

  5. So much help! :D Thank you so much

  6. I have been trying for ever. I've Got nothing!

  7. Mallin Tention. (Surname is Mallin. My intentions are pretty clear! hahaha)

  8. love this great ideas
    props to all!
    -Sophelia Payne

  9. I Play Roller Derby .. Im A Fort Wayne derby Bratt . This Site Really Helped Alot I Chose My NAme To Be Take'Out YEAHHH!! :)

  10. Thanks...just getting started, will worry about a name later but nice to be thinking about. Ameris

  11. Just remember tho... The master roster is only a skating etiquette, it isn't the law. Although it may be rude to have a name that's already on there... It isn't 'against derby rules' to do so. If its unlikely that you'll ever meet/bout a player with the same/a similar name... Might be less of a problem. Just be aware that it might annoy someone if they find out someone IS using a name they have registered.

    And also, the roster is behind, so names might no longer be in use/may not have even added yet, as there is about a 7-8 month back log! :(

  12. how about,donna bugme,alison plunderland,rose.e.cheeks,bettie rage,dita scabknees,these might be taken i have no idea,apologies if thats the case...

  13. Alice in Wonderland is my childhood fave so I chose the most fearsome animal in it!! The Jabberwockey! And you can see what I did from there :)

  14. How do I submit my name to the VRDL?

  15. I thought of Dee Zaster, Mistee Meaner, Anarchy Hall, Raggedy Slam, Maul Flanders, Carnage Wilson, Felon of Troy, Screamin' Mimi, Dinah Sorehead.

  16. The derby name is driving me crazy!!!!! Its all I think about all day. My teams getting ready to name me and that worries me lol



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